Take a Peek at Revain’s 2018 ICO Roadmap

Early this year, Revain revealed their new ICO roadmap. This was an answer to requests for more on information of the organization’s plans especially update and release schedules. Revain ICO is holding up well in the past few months. The Revain ICO’s rapid version releases were also seamless and delivered the necessary functionality to the platform’s main service. The Revain token is also remained strong, even with recent drops in trading volume. But what more does Revain ICO has in store for us this year?

Revain’s ICO roadmap is divided into quarterly goals that they want to achieve or even surpass. Here are these goals:


  • Addition of more projects to the dashboard
  • Multi-language support (translate the platform)


  • Save reviews to Revain blockchain
  • Build an AI review analysis system
  • Create a mobile app


  • Launch the RVN token
  • Add the review incentive system


  • Release of the gaming reviews
  • Partnership with gaming industry giants

Revain’s ICO roadmap

It isn’t much, but Revain’s main goal is to finally deliver the full product and venture into new and diverse markets. So far, Revain was able to fulfill one of their ICO roadmap goals for the first quarter. Revain Dashboard’s v0.4 was released on the last week of January. It was during this release that Revain finally added the first 20 projects in the dashboard. These projects included:

  • Aeternity
  • Binance Coin
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Dash
  • Enigma
  • Ethereum
  • ICON
  • IOTA
  • KuCoin Shares
  • NEM
  • NEO
  • Chain
  • Revain
  • Ripple
  • SmileyCoin
  • TRON
  • Tezos
  • Trinity Network

Shortly after this, Revain ICO added 20 more projects. There were more additions with the release of v0.5. As of the first week of March, there are about 80 projects in the Revain ICO dashboard. The platform translation has yet to be implemented. Revain also teased of strategic partnerships, especially on the marketing side of things. A potential partnership with NEM had been announced in October. The people behind NEM were said to be quite interested on Revain blockchain platform and are willing to offer partnership opportunities by having Revain ICO reviews on their own platform.

Revain partnership opportunities

The offer was made during the World Blockchain Summit in October 2017 where Revain’s CEO, Rinat Arslanov was in attendance. Arslanov had a chance to speak to Dubai Tech and Enterpreneur Center for the possibility of setting up an office in Dubai. The organization is carrying an incubation program called Dubai 2020 and had already accelerated more than 300 startups in the process.

In their whitepaper, Revain ICO revealed that once the Revain blockchain platform is operating smoothly, they will expand to new markets. Their entry into gaming reviews could be the beginning of this expansion followed by other markets like e-commerce, booking, and FMCG. Revain determined that these markets, together with the gaming market would be the most profitable for them.

It seems that by Q2 Revain ICO’s review platform would be fully functioning as it is intended. The implementation of the Revain blockchain technology and the AI review analysis system would make the entire review process seamless and really immutable. The incentive system won’t be in place until Q3, though. It is still to be seen how it would affect the volume and overall quality of the reviews in the Revain blockchain platform. The gaming reviews are already anticipated so the ICO roadmap is already well-planned and if Revain ICO’s performance continue, everything will also be well-executed.

An ICO roadmap reveals more than goals, but also two things: the efficiency of the team behind the project and the efficacy of the project itself.

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