TE-FOOD Emerging Markets Farm-to-table Food Traceability

TE-FOOD is a farm to table traceability solution. It covers all the activities including logistics, food quality and data management of the supply chain. It offers affordable Blockchain based software and identification tools to make fresh food supply information transparent. TE-FOOD has managed to integrate governments, affiliated authorities, logistics companies, and the consumer to improve food safety eliminate contamination of food materials and make supply chain companies affordable.

It can also stop food being taken into the black market through black market hoarding. Identification markers are placed all over the livestock, transports and food packages so that their movement can be easily traced through the whole supply chain. The food products can hence be located back to their place of origin if needed, by the customer. They will also get all the food safety information related to the product.

Platform Advantages

According to the TE-FOOD social, some of the main advantages of TE-FOOD is as given. It uses Blockchain technology; hence its contents will be unalterable, and an incorruptible ledger is kept for traceability information. TE-FOOD offers enforcement support. Many automated fraud management options can be added to it like authority checkpoints. Another main feature as per TE-FOOD social is that it uses an open system so that there is ample interface for third-party logistics or traceability software connection. Integrated modules in the Identification management systems are easy to use. Processing is done in a category based manner, that is custom processes and screen for livestock and fresh food categories.

As per TE-FOOD’s facebook news, TE-FOOD technology will be implemented into two flagship projects in June 2018 with HALAL TRIAL, which is a UK based company. The HALAL TRIAL will use TE-FOOD technology to track chickens and lambs from farm to table through the halal food chain. Through this HALAL TRIAL will become the first international conglomerate to expand to all global halal food market, so that it can offer food traceability and quality verification services for this vast sector. In the 7.6 billion people all around the world, nearly 2 billion are Muslims. Due to their religious laws, this humongous market of Muslims consciously seeks trusted halal certified sources to buy meat. They have a strong motivation to check the source of the food they buy. Hence this huge yet new market can be tapped into efficiently using this technology. According to industry estimates, the global halal food market will reach USD 2.55 trillion by 2024.

TE-Food Mission

TE-FOOD was recently invited by a consortium of companies to take part in a research and development project with one main goal, which is to develop an app that can check the quality of meat for consumers. This consortium has managed to win over 1 million US dollars as a national grant in Hungary.

TE-FOOD has recently announced a new extension for micro and medium-sized farms, that will enable them to work more efficiently. TE-FOOD uses in-depth data analysis to improve the efficiency of these farms. TE-FOOD’s aim here is to make deep data analysis accessible and understandable to micro and medium level farms so that it can be made profitable without making any significant changes.

As per TE-FOOD’s Facebook page, TE-FOOD has also signed a strategic partnership agreement with Nongshim Data systems, the Korean food industry giant Nongshim’s IT subsidiary. Both of these companies will join forces to provide Blockchain based food traceability solutions in North Korea.

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