The Blockchain Influencer Platform, Patron announced the Pre-TGE

Patron is the world’s first influencer platform on the blockchain. It concluded its private sale round after it successfully raised $10 million. Patron is now ready for its pre-TGE. The event will allow their early contributors and adopters to acquire the enterprising utility tokens of the platform. Patron now has a 50% bonus for every contribution. The cap is at $20 million, and the event is intended to lead the platform’s public TGE which happened last March 1, 2018.

The Japanese Roots of Patron

One of the most acclaimed blockchain solution out of Japan is Patron. It is the world’s first influencer platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology so they can provide a secure, transparent and fair platform for brands to connect with the influencers all over the world. These people will directly correlate with the brands in the decentralized marketplace.

As of the moment, Patron gained support from the international community. Its followers and fans are now eager to tap into its platform solution that will enable them to exchange values directly through peer-to-peer channels. The platform will also eliminate the most significant hurdle that every influencer may face: visibility.

A lot of local influencers get dogged by the problem on how they can maximize their brand exposure to secure better pay. A lot of traditional platforms exclusively cater to the top influencer who can afford their exorbitant fees. Because of this, the local influencers are left high and dry.

Engagement that gets Channeled Through the Blockchain

If they can eliminate the intermediaries and bring all engagement to the blockchain from its revolutionary marketplace, Patron may finally get a unified ecosystem for influencers and brands.

According to Atsushi Hisatsumi, which is the platform’s founder and CEO, influencers have the power to change the world through their expression, art, and creativity. The brand noticed this, so they increasingly added influencer budgets in their marketing campaigns. It was able to create the situation of supply and demand that the global market is now fragmented. They want to bring all of the actions under the Patron platform so the process will become secure, fair and transparent.

Patron cemented its presence in the blockchain, so it recently created a series of headlines that grabbed the attention of the community.

These are the following:

Road Tour:

The team is ecstatic to announce that they will head to the United States for interviews with Nasdaq and Small Cap Nation in the New York Times Square. The team also has a schedule to meet with the family and investor offices in the Silicon Valley and New York City.

Exchange Listing:

Patron confirmed the listing of their token on HitBTC after the main TGE. HitBTC will become the first exchange that will list the Patron tokens after the TGE. It will immediately create liquidity for the tokens.


Patron allied with the blockchain-based, crowdfunding, revolutionary platform.


Recently, Patron welcomed the former TechCrunch co-founder, Keith Teare and the advisor of, David Cohen in their illustrious advisory board.


About Patron:

The global blockchain project Patron is looking to capitalize the marketing industry’s global influencer. Japan’s local influencers created the Patron platform. They will offer a transparent and clean solution to book and find influencer talent all over the world.

There will be a mobile and web application on the platform. They released the web app in the first quarter of 2018. As of the moment, Patron is running the global TGE so they can attract crowdfunding support. The sale will include the pre-sale as well as three rounds of the TGE coverage.

The Japanese Blockchain-based platform called PATRON intends to change the market of social influencers by eliminating the intermediaries who take a significant share of the profits. The company recently partnered with the Switchboard Live of Orlando that allows users to publish a single live stream on a variety of platforms to make the audience grow.

Broadcast at the same time

The company created a sharing economy system that can work similar to Airbnb. According to Cointelegraph, it has hosts that purchase the essential posts. Aside from that, the smartphone application of PATRON allows the influencers of social media to stream live videos at the same time to more than ten various platforms that include YouTube, Facebook Live, and Periscope. That system will allow PATRON users to grow their audience and increase their views.

Getting listed

As per PATRON, the company celebrates the fact that they got listed on HitBTC. It is one of the leading exchanges in cryptocurrency in the world. Because of that, there is increased publicity, and they may be able to charge a liquidity premium for their token. The liquidity premium is a price markup that comes from the security of getting traded easily. Physical assets and real estate are illiquid goods that have less value because their liquidity has an increased risk.

The European-based cryptocurrency exchange called HitBTC started its operations last 2014. They boast a vast amount of currency pairs, and they are now delving into dealing with the altcoins. The Pat coin’s listing on their service will allow PATRON to increase the money they raise in their ICO and Pre-ICO and reach spread.

Long-term goal

Last February 14, 2018, PATRON started their Pre-ICO, and they will open up their public sale on March 1, 2018. A part of the fundraising stage will be all about the raising of money to achieve their long-term goals.

Because of the rise of companies like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram, lots of personalities can reach more people than before. With this reach, people will have the ability to sell things. The whole market of influencers has a basis of these personalities that help companies advertise their products with compensation in exchange.

As per PATRON, the market is now a bit opaque. Because of this, it may be difficult for influencers to get clients. Since this occurs, it created the business of becoming an agent and connecting the two parties. However, with this, fees may add up.

PATRON is aiming to become the company that provides a new means for the influencer market and disintermediates the agents. The company wants to use the money they got from their ICO so they can hire the needed developers who can build the protocols and application that they can use on their platform. Aside from that, they also want to create a presence in San Francisco so people can benefit from the network effects that happen in that place.

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