Where to buy Revain Coin?

Everyone knows how important reviews are. Positive reviews can increase business revenue while negative reviews can do the opposite. With this significant impact, online reviews become the usual target for exploitation. This is primarily the reason why Revain was created.

Revain is a review system that is trying to address most of the concerns associated with direct reviews. It has tokens that are used to incentivize quality reviews or to penalize wrong actions of consumer and supplier. It utilizes an immutable blockchain which documents never marketed, demoted, controlled, extracted or revised reviews. After authentication, it will be permanently recorded.

It is the very first venture to make a trustless review system which aims to build a stable system of communication between buyers and companies.

Reviews that use blockchain technology can never be faked, forged or manipulated. Updates are allowed but all changes are displayed, and everyone can see it. Initial reviews are still visible on the platform.

Where to buy Revain Coin?

Where to buy Revain Coin

The platform has two tokens- RVN and R tokens. As of this moment, Revain coin price is USD 0.468367 and equivalent to 0.00006215 BTC or 0.00078531 ETH.

You can buy Revain in trading platforms like KuCoin with trading pairs of R/BTC, R/ETH, HitBTC (R/ETH, R/BTC), OKEx (R/ETH, R/BTC and R/USDT}, KUNA (R.BTC), Mercatox (R/BTC), Cryptopia (R/DOGE), YoBit (R/DOGE, R/USDR, R/ETH, R/WAVES, R/RUR), C-CEX (R/USD, R/BTC, R/LTC, R/DOGE), ForkDelta (R/ETH) and BTCAlpha with trading pair of R/BTC.

Anyone can use the latest Revain Dashboard version 0.7 which adds more relevant features. Some of the notable changes in the platform are reputation system for users, pricing pages and project accounts made in beta versions.

Revain Dashboard version 0.7

Another verification process is done manually. All reviews that pass on RAF will be check by the company mentioned in the feedbacks. They can reject or approve the reviews. Reviews are still shown on the platform no matter what their decisions will become. If neglected, the company must respond by writing comments and giving their explanation or solution on the particular reviews. However, if the user strongly believes that company is wrong for rejecting the review, he/she can file a disagreement. Oracle system will handle a dispute. Oracles are highly-reputed users of Revain. In case users have presented pieces of evidence and proofs that reviews are genuine, they will be entitled to rewards and companies who rejected them will be penalized for 10x RF and will receive a warning. If the warning reaches to four, the company will be blocked on Revain.

RAF AI filtering system

Users, on the other hand, can receive warning too! This can happen if the reviews they posted did not pass filtration level three times during two consecutive weeks or rejected by the company five times during a two week period. A user who will receive a total of four warnings will be automatically blocked on Revain also. The platform will remove all the rights and powers of blocked users from withdrawing funds. This kind of policies will motivate users to write only genuine feedbacks and will encourage companies to improve their business more.

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