Cryptonex As The Next Generation Of Decentralized Cryptocurrencies

What is Cryptonex?

Cryptonex is a cryptocurrency based platform which is developed on its blockchain technology. CNX token does all type of trading in this platform. Users those are associated with this platform can exchange this token for any types of Fiat currency as well as in other digital currencies. Their goal is to offers users instant exchange directly from their credit, debit cards, and other traditional payment systems. In this platform, you can exchange currencies with the help of their app for both Android and iOS with very negligible transaction fees.

The currency of Cryptonex is based on PoS system where every user can earn more and make a profit by mining and as well as by completing a successful transaction. Unlike from other blockchain systems which you might be familiar with runs on ERC20 standard, but Cryptonex has its blockchain platform and technology. The whole system is developed in open source programming language. To offer users account right cryptonex and CNX is used. Not only they deal in trading them also provides users to buy goods and services with the help of their currency directly from the web as well as from your smartphone. Blockchain technology is a very successful technology regarding security and coverage. Blockchain technology is now trending, and both common users and companies can have massive benefit from this technology. Blockchain technology is introduced to overcome some significant drawbacks on the traditional system. With the same technology and system, Cryptonex came with an innovative approach to make the trading platform more effective and simple.

This project is developed by a globally renowned financial investment group those who are expert and specialize in the development of software related to finance.

Features of Cryptonex

• They deal with maximum types of Fiat currencies. All its users can easily deposit and withdraw Fiat currencies like USD, EUR, BRL, RUB and GBP through any of the payment method systems as e payment, perfect money, Peyeer, and Advcash.

• Transaction fee for trading is low as compared to other platforms in this blockchain system. They charge a minimal amount as fees ranging from .10% to .20%.

• The interface of this platform is safe and user-friendly that let users with the minimum technical knowledge to handle easily.

• If you want to deposit Fiat or cryptocurrencies on this system, then they will not take any type of charge or transaction fees from their users.

• They developed an app for both Android and iOS platform reason which trading becomes more comfortable and flexible directly from the smartphone.

• They come with full web and mobile solution. The whole interface is nicely designed and developed which shows all details of transaction, trading and many other graphically with the help of the chart.

• They also offer P2P service on this platform which is another significant advantage for its users.

• They have many program and option which are available for all users to earn some extra profit. You can earn buy its PoS mining. You can also earn by purchasing CNX and even by transferring it on your wallet.

• Cryptonex system also offers many rewards s and bounty program to their users to have some more profit from this platform.

• In this year 2018, they launched a p2p service where users can sell and buy digital currencies among others in this platform. In the whole process, Cryptonex is the legal transaction guarantor.

Services from Cryptonex

They offer different types of services and possibilities to their users which are listed below. Check all its facilities in details.

1. This platform supports all major cryptocurrencies and day by day they are adding all different types of digital currencies. As here users can get benefits of instant currency conversion, so it saves time, and the Cryptonex guarantees every type of conversion. This application shows the price of the token in both FIAT and cryptocurrencies so that users can choose as per their requirements. They are going to introduce Hardware wallet soon to ensure secure conversion during large scale of currency conversion.

2. It is listed on the exchange’s platform in the year 2017, and they now collaborate with currency exchangers like Ethereum and Bitcoin. They in the upcoming days will add all long-term and growing most popular digital currencies in this platform.

3. Here in this platform users can connect with third party miners which will offer then extra profit and reward which will automatically get stored in their wallet from where they can directly do shopping.

4. Those who want to integrate Cryptonex platform on their website for any purposes can use their API. Like all types of trading and exchanges instantly completed so a user can get their funds directly to their account or virtual cards from where they can do transactions.

5. For quick and secure trade and payments, they develop and introduced a web wallet and contactless payment system on their app for both Android and iOS platform.

6. Protection and security is an enormous challenge which they managed by their own security algorithm Scrypt. This algorithm protects and keeps data safe of all types of transaction in this platform from any kind of hacking and data loss.

Cryptonex CNX Token

CNX TokenRecently users can have CNX token in Ethereum wallet, and when those token are on airdrop, then those token can be traded for CNX. They decided to keep the creation of coin in a limit of a number around 210000000. From the total number of CNX coin 85000000 coins are held for circulation and remaining 15000000 CNX will be used in future for Cryptonex reward and bounty program.

In Cryptonex bounty program, users can earn CNX as a reward for sharing a post on the social network and as well as on the forum. Users will get 1 CNX for every single post and also if their posts have more than one active links directly to their official site then that user will get 2 CNX. Users can also earn CNX through its referral program. For every referral, they will get CNX and even 20 % profit when their references buy CNX token. They also keep bounty program for users those can write contents in a different language for different countries. Recently the price of 1 CNX in terms is the American dollar is $ 2.4531374. The price of CNX is gradually increasing which shows that users will have more benefits in the upcoming days.

Cryptonex ICO

They launched an ICO in September 2017. Their fund raised by around 17 million dollars from their 5000 users. They supplied 210 millions of coins and distributed in a different sector. 85 millions of CNX token are sold during is ICO pre-sale phase.15 million of CNX is kept reserved for bounty and reward program. 100 millions of CNX toke is in reserved for liquidity of currency exchange, and the remaining 5 million are reserved for their team members.

You can buy Cryptonex CNX from Yobit or HitBTC. To store Cryptonex, you can you can use your mobile Cryptonex app and also their web version which will save CNX directly on your desktop wallet account.

Cryptonex P2P

Cryptonex is in the news today as they have reduced the price of their commission. They recently launched their platform in many other languages like Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and many other languages. They also clarify in the news that their P2P platform is developed and going to launch in a few days.

How to Buy Cryptonex CNX

To buy CNX, you need to first create an account directly from their official website. You need to register by offering some details, username, and password. When the registration is successful, you will receive an email link. Open your email account and click on the link to activate your Cryptonex account.

  • Now sign in to the wallet with the help of your username and password. After login to buy CNX transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to the wallet.
  • If you want to buy Fiat currencies then first you need to first login to the Cryptonex wallet. You also need to register any of the three payment systems which I have mentioned above. After registration, you need to do with your KYC procedure. After successful KYC you can transfer money directly from your bank account to the wallet.
  • Trading and digital currency exchange become more comfortable and straightforward with the Cryptonex decentralized blockchain ecosystem. It comes with an innovative thought which runs on its blockchain technology. First, it started to offers service on desktop version but gradually as technology getting advanced they make their application available for Android and iOS. With the help of the app, you can buy and transfer CNX, cryptocurrency and Fiat currency. For its simple and easy steps to covert and to exchange cryptocurrencies, they acquire a huge response from their user. Might they come late in this blockchain technology but within a short span of time they have got a positive rating from many brands those are on top in this digital currency platform.

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