DACC Revolutionizing The Digital Content And Media Industry

Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) is known as a platform that will innovate the digital content and media industry. DACC established a public blockchain that features ownership and access management at the infrastructure level in the digital media enterprise. A decentralized file system that includes the fundamental identity and access management (IAM) will be executed to provide users and content creators methods to securely initiate, store, and control access permissions to their data and IP. IAM assures that only verified users can access the resources they are entitled to use, and resource owners will have full authority over the user authentication and authorization process. Content creators, curators, and consumers will all be accurately and equitably incentivized to build a community that places content creators at the center stage.

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Moreover, a full set of developer tools will also be performed which will enable any user or entity to easily create and develop content-related decentralized applications (DAPP’s) for any digital media platform on top of DACC. DACC Foundation will also place alongside a special fund, aka, community development fund through DACC labs, to sustain developer community to build innovative Dapps on DACC platform. DACC will revolutionize the digital media economy through innovative technology, distributed global community and unique token model and reward system, which ultimately empower real creators in the digital media industry.

DACC IAM-Based BlockChain Platform

CPChain IAM System

DACC platform is the first IAM based platform in the world which comprises three parts, a distributed file system with built-in IAM, public chain, and development tools. It will center on developing a modular based decentralized file system with IAM; this can be plugged in other public chains too. Their public chain also features strong IAM controls, with the DPOS/VRF Consensus to ensure scalability. Additionally, it will provide development tools for various parties of the digital media industry, including content creators who have limited development resources, developers who are building their DAPPs in the digital media industry and other blockchains who need IAM system.

DACC Ecosystem

DACC’s public chain integrates IAM and content permission controls at the infrastructure level. This gives DACC the excellent blockchain solution for any types of content based DAPP’s, primarily where personal data and IP are essential assets. From token curated registries to social network platforms, DACC’s software allows content creators and owners full authority over how their data is accessed, shared, and price for the use of their data.

DACC Global Distributed Crypto Community

Core members of the DACC team have been developing artificial intelligence technology, social media platforms and a global community in the past 12 years. Cumulatively, the team composed of core members with total of up to 50 years of community involvement with a user community with over 20M user base. The team aims to produce technological innovations in blockchains, merging experience in building community, first to the content media industry.

The global crypto community of 200,000+ users with organic growth of 50,000 users per week, in major English speaking countries such as USA, Europe, as well as Korea, Japan, and China.

DACC Community

The DACC Foundation

The DACC Foundation Pte. Ltd. (“DACC Foundation​”) is designed to be an unrestricted private company limited by shares that maintain and promotes the democratic governance of the
DACC for all members.

The DACC Foundation will consist of 3 Directors. These Directors will be studied and selected rigorously upon their merits and reputation in their industries. Key decision making concerning the operations and applications of the DACC will be settled by the majority vote of the DACC Foundation only.

The DACC Token

The DACC token is the native currency for all transactions, gas fees and rewards to block validators and storage providers: (“DACC Token​”). Also, a special distribution of the token will be utilized to develop the community (10%), software development, system support and security development (15%), also reward the special contributors and advisors (10%). The price of the Token is 1 ETH for 200,000 Tokens.

DACC Token holders will not be given any shares and administration rights over the DACC platform, DACC Foundation and any succeeding company being set up. DACC Token holders will not be authorized for any profits or income from the DACC Foundation or the platform as a result of holding the DACC Tokens.

Initial Token Allocation

The DACC Foundation aims to create and issue DACC Tokens shortly after the incorporation of the DACC Foundation. Upon issuance and before the completion of the DACC platform, DACC Tokens will be distributed as tokens based on the ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard.

The initial issuance of DACC Tokens will consist of 30 billion tokens. The hard-cap of the Token Sale Sale is 30,829ETH. The allocation of this initial issuance is summarized in the following table.

DACC Core Team Members

The DACC Development Team is composed of talents from the world’s prestigious universities and institutions.


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