DATx A Blockchain Powered Revolutionary Digital Advertising Terminal

DATx is a development of the present advertising business that aims to create an advanced intelligent advertising ecosystem, with decentralization as its base and Artificial Intelligence as its operating engine.

Since 2011, the worldwide advertising industry has firmly developed, with an overall increase rate of between 4% and 5% according to the projection of ZenithOptimedia. In 2018, global advertising rates would likely increase 4.4%, and amongst them, the market percentage of programmatic media buying and advertising would be above 50%.

The age of Mobile and Big Data has contributed advantages for the evolution of programmatic advertising. Mobile devices link with users more intimately, which is suitable for programmatic advertisements to recognize and locate users. While sufficient mobile-based marketing strategies joined with programmatic advertising, heightens the marketing importance of digital advertising in both precision and innovative inclinations.

DATx Value 

The Datx ecosystem is designed to broadcast impeccable “truth of information” under the guarantee of “irreversibility,” “justice,” “transparency” and “audibility.” The Foundation recognizes that the “true” is the “good.” Within this exemplary of value transmission developed of machine trust, DATx strives
to bring a brand-new “good” and “wise” cooperation between one and another. Media, advertising programs and advertisers initiate data collection transparent to users. Users are compliant to give their data. It becomes apparent to create positive incentives between individuals and human society that will undoubtedly expand to a further level towards harmony and goodness.

Datx Ecosystem

The DATx ecosystem is comprised of Incentive System, Behaviour Information Storage System, AI Recommendation SystemIncentive Mechanism, Token Exchange, Advertising Platform, and Anti-Fraud System, etc.

Incentive System:
According to interactions within users and advertisements/channels, the system regularly resolves token records of users and channels.

Behaviour Information Storage System:
The users Behaviour Profile Analysis data will be encrypted and stored on blockchain.

Advertising Platform:
On the Platform, Advertisers can give advertisement assisting recommendations and monitor delivery execution, while Publishers can obtain advertising SDKs and IDs and check the advertising performance.

Application Platform:
Including Applications that are linked to the blockchain of DATx via SDK, including Web/ APP.

Big Data Feedback System:
This system will administer user behavior data acquisition and big data analysis.

AI Recommendation System:
The system is enabled by an AI algorithm generator to give its users accurate and customized advertising recommendations.

Anti-Fraud System:
As a public advertising system, crooks may have the impulse of gaining a profit on it through illegal means. The Anti-Fraud system has to be required to guarantee that the whole ecosystem develops in a right direction.

DATx Token 

The native digital cryptographically-secured token is called DATx Token is a significant element of the ecosystem on DATx. It is intended to be utilized singularly on the platform. As the digital assets in the platform, DATx Token is a non-refundable operative utility token which will be applied as the unit of exchange within members on DATx. The purpose of introducing DATx Token is to give a helpful and safe method of payment and agreement between partners who associate within the ecosystem on DATx.

DATx Token does not in any action serve any shareholding, support, right, title, or affair in the Foundation. It’s subsidiaries, or any other partnership, enterprise or venture, neither will DATx Token authorize token holders to any guarantee of fees, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not designated to enact securities in Singapore or any applicable authority. DATx Token may only be utilized on DATx, and control of DATx Token carries no rights, express or mentioned, other than the right to use DATx Token as a median to facilitate usage of and communication with DATx.

Core Team

The Foundation includes members of the central DATx team and manages the development of DATx in partnership with QTUM Foundation and Avazu. The core DATx team comprises of a development team of over 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX specialists.

Ralph Sas
Ralph finished from the University of Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch in Germany. At present, he is the acting CEO of DotC United Group and the CEO of Avazu Europe Europe/NA/Latam, a subsidiary of the mobile advertising program.

Guus Esbir Wildeman
Guus finished his course at the University of Hogeschool INHOLLAND. He is an experienced Affiliate Marketer, Social media, SEO, PPC, PPV, online promotion fields. He worked for DotC United Group for over three years and now is the current COO of Avazu Europe/NA/Latam.

Robert Körbs
Robert Körbs has graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and specialized in Business Computer Science. Until tpday, he had longer than eight years of work background in digital marketing, user access, Ad business, as a pioneer team leader of running start-up ecosystem.

Datx Product Roadmap

STAGE I (2018 Q2 – 2018 Q4)
Ad Platform Integration + POI User-oriented Behaviour Data Implementation
1) Avazu as the first advertising platform to be compatible with DATx. Achieve customized native
ads and acquisition of active users;
2) Implement incentive mechanism for users, publishers and advertising platforms;
3) Establish user-oriented decentralized behaviour archive, set as a data foundation for advertising
4) Develop anti-fraud system based on user behavioural data, better cleanse the ecosystem.

STAGE II (2019Q1 – 2019Q4)
Ad Content Upgrade + AI Customized Content Recommendation
1) Establish the form of native ads feed;
2) Attract additional advertisers to deliver on DATx ad platform based on new ad form of content
3) Implement personalized recommendation system based on AI and user-oriented decentralized behavior archive, and continuously optimize the ad performance.

STAGE III (2020Q1 – 2022Q4)
Ecosystem Booming + Enhanced Value Creation + DATx Blockchain Implementation
1) Integrate subsequent advertising platforms to DATx and become part of the ecosystem;
2) Attract more advertisers to join DATx Ad platform based on native ads;
3) Integrate more D-app into DATx ecosystem;
4) Implement DATx blockchain, the No. 1 blockchain for programmatic advertising.

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