KuCoin Announced That DATx Is Now Available On Their Platform

KuCoin, a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced that they have listed DATx (DATX). The token is already available and supported trading pairs including DATX/BTC and DATX/ETH.

DATx (DATX) Gets Listed On KuCoin!

About DATx

DATx is a new blockchain project started by Cosima Foundation, and in collaboration with Avazu, a major advertising platform with global coverage. DATx intends to accommodate advertisers cut through all the fragmented confusion of user behavioral data to precisely target users and by producing advertisements that are essential to them.

What makes DATx distinctive from other competitors in is its capability to connect blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and big data solutions to achieve the maximum results to the advertisers. DATx’s is certain that its holistic order will further solve challenges within the digital advertising area around the precision of sending personalized and essential advertisement to internet users.

DATx Token

DATx Token is a vital component of the ecosystem on DATx system. It is proposed to be employed singularly on the platform. As the digital assets in the platform, DATx Token is a non-refundable operative utility token which will be applied as the unit of trade within members on DATx. The goal of starting DATx Token is to provide an effective and secure way of payment and contract among partners who join the ecosystem on DATx.

DATx Ecosystem

The DATx ecosystem is comprised of various elements that will retain it operating accurately and producing the associated data to the right parties.

Incentive Policy
Depending on the cooperations that happen between users and advertisement programs, the incentive system will issue tokens within the two parties.

Application Platform
It relates to external applications that interface with the DATx SDK (software development kit), such as web applications or mobile apps.

The Advertising Platform
Advertisers can give ideas as to advert distribution, as well as contributing information on advert execution to publishers. All analytical data is collected on the blockchain to assure integrity.

Big Data Feedback System
The system collects user behavior data and conducts big data analysis of such information.

The AI Recommendation System
powered by an algorithmic AI engine, this system provides users with precise and personalized advertising recommendations.

Anti-fraud System
In the early times of AdSense and other online adverts, crooks are inclined to strive to take the power of the advertising system for their financial interest. The anti-fraud regularity will intend to guarantee that the ecosystem as a complex doesn’t fall victim to such fraudsters and forms accurately.

For the DATx system, user input and selection is everything. Users will be given with unique identifications (UIDs), which they can sync over any gadget they use, to seamlessly resume within the DATx ecosystem, regardless of whether on PC or mobile. Under this system, users will have full control over their information, and third-parties will first have to be empowered by the user to obtain access to it.

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