Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) Blockchain Based Distributed Banking

The idea of Distributed Banking is to eradicate the monopoly of traditional financial institutions by fair financial serviced and restore earnings from financial services to all providers and users included, so that each participant who has shared the growth of the ecosystem may be incentivized, thus genuinely achieving inclusive finance.

By decentralized thinking, Distributed Banking will be capable of changing the interaction model in traditional financial services and create a new peer-to-peer and all communications cooperation model across all regions, sectors, subjects, and accounts.

What is Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)?

Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)  is considered the world’s first banking ecosystem built on a public blockchain. DCC’s goal is to advance global financial inclusivity by enabling individuals to own and utilize their credit with blockchain technology. Moreover, DCC intends to establish a decentralized banking ecosystem for financial service providers globally.

Various blockchain projects that strive to disrupt the economic sector in one way or another. Distributed Credit Chain aspires to become the world’s “first distributed banking public blockchain.” While that appears counterproductive, the team is preparing to build a decentralized ecosystem to facilitate competition among financial service contributors.

DCC Token

Blockchain ecosystem can never exist without its native and exclusive token. That is a part problematic, but in the state of Distributed Credit Chain, DCC will pay for operations and other activities. Anyone who needs data or reports will require to pay a particular value of DCC to the related data institutions. Furthermore, credit institutions will want to pay an amount of DCC to a certification body when checking the validity of data.

Token Information

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 DCC
Circulating Supply: 930,567,732 DCC
Price: 1 ETH:13700
DCC Token Distribution: Total amount: 10,000,000,000,Private sale: 18% ,Public sale: 2% ,Team: 20%,Marketing/Advisors/Partners: 15% ,Ecosystem rewards: 17% ,Foundation: 28%

The Road Ahead

There is still a lot of work for the Distributed Credit Chain team. Throughout 2018, the company will concentrate on producing more DApps to the table, as well as involve financial institutions and service providers. The Indonesian lending market appears to be of high importance in this respect, as does that of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

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