Debitum Network – The Future Of Small To Medium Sized Business Financing

Cryptocurrency has innovated the way in which enterprises and individuals convey value to one another. Today is the moment in which the crypto advancement has its second wave with several new startups launching to adopt tokenization and initial coin offerings as a system of allocating capital to finance new and revolutionary platforms without the necessity for traditional venture capital.

By disrupting the process in which individuals transfer value to one another, crypto has also made it possible to improve the way individuals grant capital. The Debitum Network who carried out their ICO earlier this year with the intention to build a streamlined platform that enables business owners to lend capital without the fees associated with traditional lending, making it achievable for any business globally to access small business financing.

What Is Debitum Network?

Debitum Network is striving to operate as a platform that allows “borderless small business financing,” and is established to leverage the powerful and dynamic characteristics of the blockchain to both stable and distribute fiat loans in the SME environment.

Debitum is established on the principles of decentralization, accessibility, and equity, and aspires to build a new way in which small and medium enterprises can access significant growth funding. The Debitum Network is committed to addressing the $2 trillion credit gap that exists in the SME environment, based on recent statistics issued by the World Bank, more than 70% of all micro and small to medium enterprises has inadequate access to credit in developing markets.

Mission and Vision

The Debitum Network aims to take the control away from centralized banking institutions and the over-regulated, inaccessible nature of credit from the existing banking platforms. Small enterprises currently struggle under the regime of centralized banks, and to oppose this, Debitum will associate borrowers, lenders, risk assessors, insurers, and document validators on their platform.

The users of the Debitum Network platform will be capable of connecting for free and promote cross-border transactions that are free from the excessive costs and suffocating regulation associated with traditional lending. Built as a hybrid platform, Debitum will work on the Ethereum blockchain and facilitate arrangements via smart contracts and an internal system of payment.

The Debitum Network operates their native and transaction token called Debitum, or DEB. The platform integrates exceptional machine learning intelligence to automate additional services and charter blockchain-to-blockchain communication to automatically clear assets and loans.

It is also platform developed as a partnership between Debifo, an alternative financing platform that possesses a current asset portfolio of about € 3M, and Inntec, a Northern European IT company that has 151,000 total project hours.

The Debitum Network ICO

The Debitum Network ICO main focused was to produce the capital essential to develop and launch the platform and has begun on the 30th of November 2017.

One billion DEB tokens were issued during the token crowdsale, which are based on the Ethereum ERC223 standard. The crowdsale ended on the 30th of December 2017, with a three-tiered pricing structure.

Their Debitum Network Platform “Abra 1.0” was launched on the mainnet on September 3rd 2018.


The Debitum Network had a remarkably well-constructed initial coin offering that was backed by some large, established financial and IT firms and is unquestionably worth the consideration as a substantial investment now after their platform has been launched and will be able to create real value for Debitum as a company, its users and investors.


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