DeepBrain Chain An Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform

The attempt of connecting AI and Digital Currency have been successfully developed, called DeepBrain Chain (DBC).  It is the first AI computing platform driven by blockchain technology. The company launched its cloud platform in May 2017 and already developed a working product with over 100 manufacturers utilizing the platform including Microsoft, Samsung, Siemens, and Lenovo.

What is DeepBrain Chain?

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is an Artificial Intelligence Computing Platform operated by blockchain technology. This project is for global AI computing resource sharing, and resource scheduling as various small companies does not have the source to purchase expensive GPU servers, but some corporations have a large number of GPU servers that are idle. Scheduling global resources and developing the usage efficiency of resources are of assertive significance regarding the AI business computing costs reduction. Its vision strives at providing a decentralized AI Computing platform that low cost, private, flexible, and safe.

This platform attends the interests of different parties. Firstly, the Miner’s principal income is compensated with a token from mining. Secondly, AI businesses just pay small costs to operate. Thirdly, the Chain utilizes the smart contract to divide the data provider and data trainer physically. Thus, it protects the provider’s data. The interests of three major parties can be arranged with the advanced technology. When AI factories’ user requirements are in peak or trough, DeepBrain Chain can also automatically adjust. If hackers infiltrate any nodes of DBC, the rest of the nodes are working well as usual. DBC makes sure AI factories’ operations will never be disrupted.

Network Functions And Utility

DeepBrain Chain intends to offer a decentralized and private AI computing platform leveraging the blockchain industry. The company also extends peripheral products. The intense focus on developing a decentralized neural network and protected data trading, the company assuredly has started on an exciting mission so far. Explicitly dividing data ownership and data usage by blockchain technology is the team’s top priorities.

Smart contract technology is an absolute requirement for this project. Artificial intelligence is created to help automate specific projects and tasks, which requires additional technology to manage this level of automation. In the blockchain world, smart contracts are the direction to go in this concern. All of the computing sources required for this AI neural network are given through nodes found worldwide. As a return for these resources, node operators will get DeepBrain Coin, DBC

The DeepBrain Chain is still able to deal with inconsistencies even if computational demand were are heightened. Idle nodes will be shifted on whenever the need outweighs currently-shared computing resources. It means that users who run nodes can choose to opt out of specific projects at first but can provide to them later on if demanded. It’s an exciting industry model which opens up a lot of possibilities for people willing to provide computing resources.

DBC Token and DBPoints

This AI network’s token is called DeepBrain Coin (DBC). It has been listed and partnered on several cryptocurrency exchanges such as Lbank,, Allcoin,, and has partnered with KuCoin on December 28, 2017.

DeepBrain Chain has also developed a similar reward program that is already operating benevolently on DBC’s price in the market, advancing its value and promoting it as a good coin.

The network’s team has tweeted on April 10 about the point system they are offering and promoting a free giveaway of these points to all users that register on their new website and click the “Follow” button on their official Twitter page.

In their first tweet, the team revealed that DBPoints serve the mission of representing rewards for DBC community where these points can be traded for DBC units or used for purchasing preferred products from DBC Loyalty Shop, which has become a part of their new rewarding system.

The Team

DeepBrain Chain is a Shanghai based company and has boasted a team of AI and industry experts.

DeepBrain Chain team

The team is lead by CEO Feng He who is recognized as an expert in the artificial intelligence space and was acknowledged as a well-respected personality in the Chinese Bitcoin and blockchain technology business since 2014. He once managed the development of the world’s first artificial intelligence sound box called Small Zhi and the development of China’s first cloud of the brain system, DeepBrain. He was also the head of the first Chinese voice assistant Smart 360 that has a user base of about 17 million.

Shu Chang, the Chief Technology Officer, is considered an expert in the AI, blockchain, and cryptography space because of his success as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Shanghai.

Chief Marketing Officer Chuanfeng Lee, is one of the first entrepreneurs in the AI space in China, Bitcoin, and blockchain research. He likewise led the marketing for smart 360 and assisted the project to acquire 17 million userbase.

Some of the team’s distinguished accolades include winning the first place in the enterprise sector of SMP2017, a Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation which has over 30 national top AI teams.

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