A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Healthcare Platform Docademic

AI as it is famously known is the theory and application of building machines proficient of performing duties that seem to need intelligence. Presently, cutting-edge technologies endeavoring to make this a certainty incorporate machine learning, artificial neural networks, and extensive learning.

Meanwhile, blockchain is basically a new filing system for digital data, which stores information in an encrypted, distributed ledger arrangement. Because data is encrypted and distributed across multiple different computers, it facilitates the creation of tamper-proof, profoundly robust databases which can be read and renewed only by those with permission.

Now, imagine a world where everyone has access to equally good healthcare without concerns of class and status. The Docademic Team has this excellent idea of applying blockchain technology and Human-AI assistance to achieve this by presenting products and services essential for the world to transition to a decentralized healthcare system.

What is Docamedic?

Docademic is recognized as an all-new globally-sourced healthcare service system that is accessible to everyone. It makes application of a free-to-use human doctor-AI assisted video telemedicine assistance that has already been used in about 20 countries by thousands of users. It comes with an associated series of AI-assisted tools as well as a social network that accommodates connecting doctors and medical professionals with each another.

It is an international medical platform in which people with smartphones can meet with a doctor using their phone’s camera and get medical advice. The platform collects its data on a blockchain and needs the MTC token to recover data from the blockchain.

A Healthcare Solution For All

Docademic AppHealthcare is expensive and can be difficult to access, particularly in remote regions. Additionally, sensitive medical records collected in standard databases are exposed to hacks and abuse.

According to the whitepaper, the purpose of Docademic is to accommodate customers across the globe with a particular level of free healthcare. It is done by integrating cutting-edge technology with the conventional medical understanding which is then brought to presence by the power of the blockchain. The native Docademic App has been built atop Docademic’s existing patient data routing system. It is supported by a host of AI-enabled technologies that are simplistic in their design and serve as quality support for anyone with existing health-related concerns.

System Overview

  • Docademic features a one-touch network that connects patients with a qualified doctor by a video telemedicine assistance for free.
  • It can be utilized by customers from any country around the world.
  • All patients’ data is securely saved on a blockchain.
  • The user interface is simple to manage and is highly visually-oriented, providing beginner as well as advanced customers to get used of this platform.

Key Features

The Docademic Platform renders practicing healthcare professionals with a chain that provides for seamless:

  • Ongoing medical education
  • Patient referrals
  • Fast-tracked service delivery

The MTC Token

Docademic’s MTC or Medical Token Currency has three primary functions. MTC is the crypto token users can spend on products and services in all Docademic platforms. The second use will be as the token that interacts with the blockchain where Docademic stocks patient and healthcare data. And the third and the most significant purpose is for the traders. MTC is the tradable token on the open crypto exchanges like KuCoin where MTC was recently listed.

The project has received the official endorsement of John McAfee who claims to have applied the Docademic App and connected to a doctor for free consultation. McAfee’s tweet was posted on the 16th of February, 2018.

Update and Development

Recently, Docademic’s transaction currency MTC was listed at KuCoin. KuCoin is considered one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a state-of-the-art platform and exceptional customer service.

MTC is available for trading on the said exchange and has an ongoing trading competition from September 30, 2018, until October 8, 2018.

Top 500 accounts with the highest trading amount of MTC (buys + sells) on KuCoin will share 885,000 MTC + 6 BTC as rewards.

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