The Electroneum Mobile Miner is now Live

We have wonderful news for everyone!

The much awaited Mobile Miner which is a simple way to earn cryptocurrency from your smartphone is now available for everyone. If you have an Android smartphone, get Electronium. It is the easiest way you can earn and spend a cryptocurrency is the Electronium.

Check out the link from the official app of Google Play Store. Your account will upgrade automatically and you will see the enabled mobile miner in the Electroneum app. You might need to close and open the app once more so that the miner will start working.

After you test it in a live environment, you may start working with the mobile network partners since they promote the app anywhere in the world. That is the reason why now may be an exciting time for anyone.

What is a mobile miner?

The mobile miner is a completely revolutionary way you can earn cryptocurrency through mining on your phone. In reality, the phone does not do the hard work of mining the coins. It is already done and is a mining experience. I’m sure you’re wondering what it is. The mining experience may look and feel like a miner and pay out the real Electroneum cryptocurrency but it may be just like a complex command line that runs on a linux computer. However, all you have to do is click the “START MINING” button on the free app so you will earn cryptocurrency. The coins will have nothing to do with the ones that the blockchain emits as part of the blockchain reward. Blockchain miners may still be very important to Electroneum but the full mining may become too complex to the average user. The mobile miner may have a separate algorithm that rewards the users with a ETN cryptocurrency without any cost. That is because we want to spread the word on how easy it is to use and get involved with Electroneum. To start with, it is the world’ easiest cryptocurrency. We have a mobile miner that can introduce people to cryptocurrency without any risk. We will give everyone who gets involved in the Electroneum project a reward by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency using the free Android app.

What will you expect to earn?

Since we are going to fine tune the system in the next few weeks, we will see how the mobile miner will work with a lot of users. We may not be aware of what is the smartphone mining power of an average user, but we expect that they will become rewarded with a few US dollars of ETN value every month if they run the app in the background. It may not use a lot of battery and data but remember that the mobile data can be really expensive. It is up to you if you want to ensure that the mining will not cost any money. You may initially use it on wifi so you can understand the amount of data it will use.

You may enjoy earning some Electroneum on your Android phone. We will test some bugs and changes with millions of people. Yet, as always, we will fix them once we identify them.

Apple iPhone Launch

We were able to reduce the number app call backs to the server to just once every hour so we can comply with the limits of Apple. It means that if you are one of the beta miners and you don’t see a pending balance update, leave it running so that your mining time will be in credit. We also have the iPhone iOS version that is fully functional and written but Apple has not approved of it yet. If we get more Android users, we can show Apple that there is a high demand for this application.

Be one of the first people in the world to earn Electroneum Cryptocurrency from your mobile phone and enjoy reaping the benefits!

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