Ways you can buy Electroneum on KuCoin

The very user-friendly exchange where you can buy Electroneum is Kucoin, and it has steps that can be very easy to follow.

How to Buy Electroneum on KuCoin Exchange:

First and foremost, make sure to create an Account.

Check out the signup page of KuCoin and scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Use. Click the box next to Accept terms and continue. Afterward, click Next.

Enter your email as well as the new password that you would like to use. Confirm the password for another time and then hit Next.

You will then be prompted to confirm your email. Check your email account and then click the confirmation link that you received.

Doing this will very likely log you into KuCoin automatically. If that does not happen, just click the Login in the top right-hand corner and log-in with the details that you provided.

Setup Two: Factor Authentication


For you to deposit funds in KuCoin, you will have to set up the two-factor authentication using the Authenticator app of Google or anything similar to it.

You should download the Google Authenticator to your mobile device first.

When you get to KuCoin, click on the Account on top and then the Google 2-Step.

Click on the button Next, so they will show that the app has completed its installation.

It will present a secret key that you may use to recover your account in case your phone gets stolen or lost. Make sure to write down this key and keep it safe. If you lose your phone, there may be no other way you can re-access your account.

For convenience, click on the Download Key File and save it to your computer. Afterward, click Next.

Use the Google Authenticator app to scan the presented QR code. After that, enter the 6-digit code that the app gave you earlier.

Deposit Funds

Before you can buy Electroneum, you will have to deposit some other cryptocurrency like the Ethereum or Bitcoin. You may obtain these from websites like LocalBitcoins, CEX.io, Coinbase or local exchanges in your country.

For you to be able to deposit funds into your account, you need to do the following:

Click on Assets found at the top of the navigation bar.

Look for the search bar at the top right of the overview tab and type in BTC. In case you want to deposit a different currency, type the appropriate code here.

Doing this will narrow Bitcoin’s search and display list. On the right-hand side, click on Deposit.

Click Confirm so you can verify that you are depositing Bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrency.

Send the Bitcoins to the given address or scan the QR code with your Bitcoin wallet app.

Make sure to avoid sending your coins to the address in this image or else it might get added to the account of Electroneum 101. Send it to the address that is in your own KuCoin account.

You may watch the deposit history at the bottom of the page.

The funds will instantly get added to your Bitcoin balance after three block confirmations.

Buy Electroneum

After depositing the funds, you can now purchase Electroneum.

Click on Markets that you can find on top of the page and then the ETN market in the list. It is most likely to be BTC or ETN. You may also look for the ETN in the Search coin box whenever it is difficult to find.

It will take you to BTC or ETN’s trading screen. You will see the Buy or Sell panel at the bottom right corner.

You will have to complete the Buy section if you want to purchase Electroneum.

Enter the price that you would want to purchase at the price box. Click on the blue best price link at the right of the box so you can see the best price available.

Enter the amount of the ETN in the amount box that you would like to buy. Click on the blue max link at the right of the box and fill in the maximum ETN that you are willing to buy with your balance.

After all of that, click on the green Buy button.

You will see a message that says “Buy order has been submitted.” It confirms that your transaction has been processed.

Check out your ETN balance by looking at the top right portion of the Sell ETN box.

You will then turn into a proud owner of the new Electroneum coins.


Kucoin is a beautiful exchange that has a user-friendly interface. As of the moment, it is one of the best trades where you can purchase Electroneum.

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