Emotiq: A Next Generation Blockchain With Powerful Scalability & Privacy

emotiq-logoWhat is Emotiq?

Emotiq is a powerful next-generation regionalized blockchain with PoS (Proof-of-Stake) agreement and smart contracts with usual language. Emotiq is constructed on Omni Ledger, which is a disseminated ledger that offers VISA and MasterCard at thousands of trades for each second. This blockchain is originated to be private, ascendable, and usual.

Scalability, usability, privacy are main features of Emotiq. Let’s go to see how they propose to address these various goals.

  • Scalability

It is constructed on Omni Ledger now, only 3 projects are building on Omni ledger these are Emotiq, Zilliqa, and Harmony. This provides believability to their rights. Omni Ledger technology introduces high contract output and parallel scaling via sharding. Their third chief concentration feature is its interesting thing that will improve and increase this scalability reached through Omni Ledger.

  • Usability

Create their blockchain as “natural” is the main aims of Emotiq. It is the main feature of this blockchain. A blockchain with easy-to-create submissions is wanted to provide Emotiq. Allowing the team, “Emotiq intentions to be the greatest available and friendly blockchain of them all like the Apple to supplementary blockchains and also Windows and Android.

Ring is an easy English programming language which is easy to read like a newspaper. Emotiq smart contracts are written in Ring. Everyone can recognize, read and even write legal agreements through it.

  • Privacy

I think everybody knows, so do not require to describe why privacy can be a destroyer characteristic for a blockchain. In the situation of Emotiq, where ordinary users are pointed to usage and create smart contracts: there is a normal implore of secrecy (especially concerning finance) with people then desires to be appreciated for an extensive agreement of blockchain. The tech exploited to arrange for privacy will control the scalability of Emotiq. Operating several outputs is bulletproofs suggestion for big developments because it agrees with a chain to measure logarithmically as an alternative of the natural in lines scale of contacts. At the similar time, allow keeping the block size small in the MimbleWimble.

The Platform of Emotiq

The Emotiq platform contains three primary elements:

Creators of smart contract use oracles such as pre-constructed elements. Originators are materialized to create new oracles during a fee-per-operation pattern, in which the creator of the oracle is given every time an oracle delivers an answer.

Emotiq reconceives the title role of smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer programs that feature the situations under which an operation or allocation of tokens will happen, and completes them consequently. This computer program is only comprehensible by computers, not humans, which is the limits of their usefulness.

Oracles agree smart contracts to interrelate with the outer world and are an energetic part of the Emotiq platform ecosystem. Oracles save real-world records to deliver outcomes in answer to questions through by smart contracts.

Throughout Ring is the Emotiq smart contract language, but a pioneering explanation for non-programmers and individuals pleased to program by the requirement.

  1. Ring VM

Ring is a Basic English language for smart contracts in Emotiq. The Ring VM enters smart contracts written in the Ring language such as well as most, Ethereum contracts engine converted from Solidness. It is a PoS blockchain made with features of informal to cryptograph smart contracts.


Q1 2018

Emotiq started Private sale in Blockchain prototype by two parallel blockchains:  (a) Primary, (b) Secondary

Q2 2018

Started Public TGE by Testnet.

Delegated PoS (Proof-of-Stake), Real-time trust-but-verify transaction validation.

Q3 2018

Works for Testnet improvements.

Blockchain checkpointing and compression.

Q4 2018

Launch Mainnet
Started EMTQ token sale.

Team Members of Emotiq

emotiq ceo

Joel Reymont


Joel Reymont is an experienced hacker and blockchain pioneer. He has experience of twenty-five years in software engineering and management. He was before CTO at Top 100 cryptocurrency and Blockchain Company.

Some of His Experiences are

æternity, Zürich Area, Switzerland

Jul 2017 – Dec 2017

BlockSeer, San Francisco Bay Area

Jun 2017 – Jun 2017

  • Owner

Wager Labs, SA

Jun 2002 – Jun 2017

Invincea, Inc.

Jan 2017 – Feb 2017

Invincea, Inc.

Nov 2016 – Dec 2016


  • Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus

N/A, Computer Science

1992 – 1993

He has Skills in Mac kernel, USB, Kernel, Erlang, Lisp, Embedded Linux, Reverse Engineering, C++, Mac OS X, Java, Distributed Systems, Databases

Vladimir Lebedev

Vladimir Lebedev

VP of Engineering

Vladimir Lebedev is an experienced person, whose has works experience managing technology in telecom, fintech, and media companies over twenty-five years. He was CTO of the Russian stock exchange, wherever he made its trading system and network structure.

Some of His Experiences are

Data Storage Systems

Mail.Ru Group, Moscow, Russian Federation

Nov 2017 – Mar 2018

Euraisa Region

VEON, Moscow, Russian Federation

Nov 2015 – May 2017


Jul 2015 – Nov 2015

Sberbank, Moscow, Russian Federation

Oct 2013 – Jul 2015


  • Novosibirsk State University (NSU)

B.Sc., Mathematics, Applied Mathematics

1987 – 1991

  • Novosibirsk Physics-Math High School

1985 – 1987

He has Skills in Software Development, Cloud Computing, Telecommunications, Program Management, VoIP, IT Management, Business Strategy, IT Strategy, UNIX, Team Management, Mobile Devices, and Product Management

Emma Cooper


Emma is the Chief Operating Officer at Emotiq. Before joining the team, Emma operated for long years in counterterrorism in US Department of Homeland Security. She was also a lawyer in the US, specifying in private settlements and commercial law. She completed her graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University in BS in Mathematical Sciences.

David McClain, PhD

Chief Rocket

David McClain is exactly a rocket scientist. Qualified in theoretic and astrophysics. He has worked for as a Principal Scientist in Aerospace industry.

Some of His Experiences are

  • City College of the City University of New York

Theoretical Astrophysics

  • University of Wyoming

Observational Infrared Astrophysics

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


  • University of Arizona

Computer Science

Shannon Spires

Shannon Spires

Agent Hacker

Shannon Spires is an engineer who works on multi-disciplinary schemes. He spent his career as an investigation engineer at a national laboratory in the US.

Some of His Experiences are

  • Agent Hacker


Jan 2018 – Present

  • CTO

Amplitude Energy Analytics

2012 – Present

Clozure Associates

2012 – Present

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

1986 – 2011

  • Researcher

MCC, austin, texas

1985 – 1986


  • University of Texas

MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

He has Skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Embedded Systems, Life Cycle Analysis, Electric Power, Common Lisp, Prolog, Object-Oriented Databases, Algorithms, Software Engineering, and Natural Language Processing.

Paul Tarvydas

Paul Tarvydas

and Microprocessor

The career of Paul Tarvydas has extended over three years of working in microprocessor compiler, electronics, and operating system design.

Some of His Experiences are

  • President

Tsus4 Inc., Toronto, Canada Area

Apr 2013 – Jan 2018

Onion Corporation, Markham, Ontario

Jun 2016 – Jan 2017

Moneris, Toronto

Apr 2013 – Jul 2015

  • Director of Software Development

Tarvydas-Sanford Controls Inc., Toronto

Sep 1984 – Jan 2013

  • Director of Software Development

Design Recovery Inc.

1996 – 1998


  • University of Toronto

BASc, Electrical

1978 – 1981

  • University of Toronto

BSc, Arts & Science (Core Physics program)

1973 – 1977

He has Skills in Software Engineering, Software Development, Common Lisp, C, Embedded Systems, Prolog, Eiffel, WAM, FBP (Flow-Based Programming), Smalltalk, Assembly Language, YACC, PEG, Linux, Programming, Team Management, and Software Architectural Design.

Mark David

Mark David

Senior Software

Mark David has over twenty-five years of practiced Lisp programming experience to Emotiq. He is an experienced software architect, developer, and technology leader.

Some of His Experiences are

Pandorabots, Inc., Oakland, CA 94618

Jan 2017 – 2017

Vital Labs, Inc., San Francisco, California

May 2016 – Dec 2016

Kymeta Corporation, Boston, MA and Seattle, WA

Nov 2013 – Oct 2015

  • VP Engineering, Cofounder

Expressive Database, Belmont, MA

Sep 2009 – Sep 2013

ITA Software, Cambridge, MA

Dec 2006 – Aug 2009


  • University of Chicago

BS, Linguistics

1978 – 1983

He has skills in Software Documentation, Software Development, UNIX, Lisp, Software Engineering, Perl, Agile Methodologies, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Common Lisp, and Java.

Mark Evenson

Mark Evenson

Senior Software

Mark Evenson since mending together a supplied system to development data saving on unused night nodes of the Cornell astronomy network.

Some of His Experiences are

  • Co-Founder

CloudFleet <https://cloudfleet.io>, Vienna, Austria

Apr 2015 – Present

  • Principal


Jan 2005 – Present

Minebox GmbH, Vienna, AT

Jan 2017 – Feb 2018

  • Contract Software Developer

(withheld), Vienna, Austria

Dec 2016 – Mar 2017

See description

Minebox GmbH

Feb 2016 – Nov 2016


  • Cornell University

BA, Physics/Mathematics

1987 – 1991

He also has skills in Systems Architecture, Social Software, Lisp, Java Enterprise Edition, Distributed Systems, XML, Web Services, Software Engineering, Java, Software Development, UNIX, Python, C++, and Mathematics.

Anna Movchaniuk

Anna Movchaniuk

PR Maven

Anna Movchaniuk is a devoted, active, and detail-oriented business communications specialist with broad public relationships experience in Europe and Canada. She also worked on projects in trades as such as sporting events, finance, and film.

Some of His Experiences are

  • Personal Assistant

DVBank, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sep 2013 – Nov 2014


  • Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Graduate Certificate, Corporate Communications, and Public Relations

2015 – 2015

  • Kyiv National Economics University

Master of International Economics and Management, International Economics

2008 – 2014

She also has skills in Microsoft Office, Research, Teamwork, Time Management, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Executive Administrative Assistance, and Presentation Skills.

Wen Qiang

Wen Qiang

China Community Manager

Wen Qiang has a deep experience of the Chinese cryptocurrency place and full support of blockchain projects, he delivers the Emotiq team through skilful local advice, proposing Chinese language support through all of Emotiq’s social mass media channels.

Token type:ERC20
Token Price0.1333 USD
Fundraising Goal39,000,000 USD

Emotiq Token Information

Hard cap60,000,000 USD
Restricted countriesNo restrictions
Know Your Customer Yes

Emotiq will create one billion EMTQ tokens, allocated as follows:

15% sold to seed providers;

14% sold through the private sale;

36% sold through public TGE; and

35% sold to be maintained by the Emotiq team.

Emotiq ICO Probability and Strengths  

Emotiq operate solutions like zero-knowledge proofs, Omni Ledger, and the Ring VM to develop both  functionality and scalability. These development provide another function further just laying support for a big user base without programming ability. Without experienced developers to create out the ecosystem from a new stage, the net claim of the project will decrease completely.

Emotiq ICO Threats and Weaknesses

To illustrate the potential of natural language programming, the whitepaper draws a distinction between the complexity of smart contracts and legal contracts: “It is inaccessible to find out the performance of current smart contracts without employing a computer to check them. Legal contracts, in contrast, can be easily read and understood.”

Furthermore, smart contracts written in clear English are also dependent to misunderstanding. As a non-programmer generating a smart contract written in Ring. The deep-rooted achievement of a protocol is depending on both developers to create out the ecosystem and a support base of devotee to maintain enlightenment and engagement.


Emotiq’s aim doesn’t just at being higher scalable and private than existent solutions. They also desire to admit non-developers to solve the blockchain’s probably to make smart contract.

In conclusion, we’re intensely excited about Emotiq. Like consensus, we accept it’s a Zilliqa level program that is much more promising than the large list of whitepaper program hold elegant performance without any elements.

Some Important Screenshot


Website: https://emotiq.ch

Whitepaper: https://emotiq.ch/whitepaper.pdf

Yellow paper: https://emotiq.ch/yellowpaper.pdf/

Telegram: https://telegram.me/emotiq/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Emotiq_AG/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3168885.0/

Blog: https://medium.com/emotiq

Github: https://github.com/emotiq/emotiq/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/e/


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