Democratizing Predictive Science By Endor Protocol

The capacity to recognize, predict and influence consumer behavior quickly could provide any business an unjust preference compared to its rivals. Smart business leaders have several approaches for influencing customer behavior to develop business performance. In order to attain this ability, companies rely on powerful tools like data science and predictive analytics, but unfortunately, the modern process for executing these tools is gradual, painful, and expensive.

Endor is known as an AI-powered business prediction that is Blockchain-based Protocol powered by MIT’s novel Social Physics technology and is the first decentralized, trustless, censorship resistance behavioral prediction platform that implements high-quality outcomes for any predictive question in minutes. With Endor protocol, every company can scale predictive analytics, obtain instant time to market with no data science expertise, and increase growth based on extensive, precise predictions.

The Use Of Social Physics

Social Physics is a new science that utilizes big data to develop a predictive, computational theory of human behavior.

Endor advances Social Physics using established technology into a powerful engine that can interpret and predict any human behavior. Human behavior is discovered as much by the patterns of culture as by reasonable, individual thinking. These patterns can be described mathematically and applied to create accurate predictions.

Endor Work Flow

Refresh Data Endor Predictive Cycle
IT uploads row, encrypted, transactional data with no cleaning requirement and can be of any language.

Automated Social Sphere creation
The Endor assigned engine examines the data, generating a refreshed “social sphere” every day.

Social sphere” = ~500K groups of objects, clustered together since they are NOW performing similarly.

Ask Predictive Questions
The engine utilizes the question that automatically recognizes past examples of the needed behavior. The examples will have a strong correlation with some groups in the renewed Social Sphere. Other “objects” in the group include the “look-alike” prediction.

EDR, Endor’s Platform Currency

The EDR tokens distributed by Endor Protocol are ERC20 compliant tokens and are to be used as the payment mechanism for different services offered by the Endor Protocol ecosystem. Data contributors are obligated to pay EDR tokens for the interpretation of their data to the providers of prediction engines. They are, in return are rewarded by EDR tokens when insights obtained from their data are being applied for predictions. It incentivizes the contribution and preservation of high-quality data streams.

EDR Tokens Usages:

  • Purchasing pre-defined or DIY predictions
  • Payment for data providers
  • Cloud resources for data analysis (AWS or similar)
  • Cloud resources for personalized prediction (AWS or similar)
  • Submitting RFPs (Request for Predictions)
  • Requesting QoS preference for predictions
  • Submitting new data streams for the platform

The Behind The AI Based Protocol

Endor is a stealth Israeli predictive analytics company that has its origins in some impressive research on human behavior. The team is comprised of well-known experts in Blockchain, digital banking technologies and predictive analytics from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, the MIT Media Lab and MIT Sloan School of Management. Prof. Pentland, one of Endor’s founders, a part of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, is one of the world’s most-cited scientists, and was recently listed by Forbes as a member of the “7 most powerful data scientists in the world.” The team has collectively shared hundreds of scientific papers, dozens of commercial patents, as well as eight books dedicated to Blockchain, machine intelligence, and data privacy.

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