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There are several organizations globally that collect, possess and accurately control data. There are Data Scientists and Machine Learning specialists, who can prepare data and create predictive paradigms. There are also individuals with a passion to predict the future. It suggests that 99% of the predictions are being produced by, and for, stakeholders in large companies. Moreover, this process nowadays is very costly, as Data Scientists are rare and expensive, and the method of generating predictions usually demands months of hard-work, committed to every single project. This establishes a very high entry barrier for those interested in forecast.

Introduction To Endor Protocol

Although the advantages of Data Science democratization have been apparent for considerably some time, executing such a framework, in reality, has been challenging. The principal reasons are technological – the current science of today clearly cannot maintain a “generic decentralized behavioral prediction” standard. A new Science had to be developed to transform these limitations and that is the Social Physics. It was developed by Endor.coin founders Dr. Yaniv Altshuler and Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland. It is a mathematical system that effectively demonstrates the way human crowds behave. By a set of mathematical equations that are presented to rise in behavioral data sources, the Social Physics theory permits the automatic transformation of any behavioral data source to a set of behavioral clusters.

The Endor Protocol is based on the fact that when behavioral data is being managed in a canonical description of behavioral groups, the common process of Data Science can conclusively be broken down into its primary components, designating each of them, in a decentralized system, to various executors.

How Does Endor Work?

Refresh Data
IT uploads series of encrypted, transactional data (no cleaning, any language).

Automated Social Sphere creation
The Endor engine examines the data, generating a refreshed “social sphere” every day.

Ask predictive Questions
The engine utilizes the question to distinguish prior examples of the needed behavior automatically. The samples will have a strong relationship with few groups in the renewed Social Sphere. Other “objects” in the group comprise the “look-alike” prediction.


Business users ask predictive questions and acquire automated, precise predictions based on their data. No data science expertise required.

(H2, 2018)
EDR token holders will be capable of using an increasing catalog of renewed accurate predictions, provided by Endor.coin

(H1, 2019)
EDR token holders will be capable of shaping the growing predictive catalog utilizing the RFP

(H2, 2020)
Businesses & professionals will be able to utilize their private data and Endor.coin public data to produce private predictions

EDR Token Usability And Value

A fundamental uniqueness of Endor.coin is that the EDR Token, its native currency will be available on day 1 of the token launch, giving token holders total access to the pre-defined predictions. Also, a group of beta users will be chosen quickly after token launch, and will be provided the chance to inquire predictions in addition to the pre-defined ones. Moreover, token owners who think they might want affordable access to predictions in the future would be incentivized to obtain and hold EDR tokens, as anticipated raised usage will result in increased value of predictions, driving token value up, rewarding prediction users, who purchased EDR tokens early on.

Endor Team

Endor.coin team has a strong track record of providing high quality products. The product plan is the future of predictive analytics for blockchain based products and cryptocurrency. The EDR token has several use cases in the Endor ecosystem which provides it a meaningful value for data/algorithm originators and prediction clients.

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler
Dr. Altshuler, the CEO of Endor and a research associate at the MIT Media Lab. Together with Prof. Pentland, they developed “Social Physics,” new science that models crowds behavior. At MIT, the technology was applied to win the prestigious DARPA Challenge, assist the Government of Singapore in enhancing its capability to predict traffic jams, and help a community of thousands of financial investors in developing their financial returns.

Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program, as well as the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs. Prof. Pentland is one of the world’s notable scientists, and was recently acknowledged by Forbes as the “7 most powerful data scientists in the world” along with Google founders and the Chief Technical Officer of the United States.

Stav Grinshpon
Mr. Grinshpon is a veteran tech-industry expert, with 18 years background of product and management in corporations such as SAP and AT&T. Grinshpon is a world specialist in cyber defense, serving eight years as a technological leader at the Israeli 8200 technological

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