Energi Token Decentralizing Global Energy

Energi token is the token issued by an entity called the Energi Mine. Energi Mine is a fully functional commercial entity which is headquartered at Manblockchester, UK.

ETK is the blockchain based token issued by Energi Mine. The main goal of Energi Mine is to which aims to decentralize two trillion United States dollars worth of global electricity market. Energi Mine wants to envision a platform that rewards its users according to their energy saving behavior. Energi Mine already has existing clients and manages over One hundred and forty million United States dollars worth of energy trade for large companies. The company’s turnover in two thousand and seventeen was approximately half million united states dollars.

Energi Mine has approximately one thousand one hundred customer sites across Europe and the United Kingdom, including one of the largest law firms in the world and one of Europe’s biggest fuel retailers.

Energy Mine has already generated approximately half a million dollars in revenue in 2017 through their AI energy market products.



Energi Mine aims to decentralize the two trillion worth of global electricity markets that are currently closed and controlled by a handful of large players. Energi Mine is creating a blockchain based platform that matches customers with smaller generators

The idea is that people will be more inclined to reduce their energy consumption if they have a positive incentive to do so. By receiving a financial benefit in the form of ETK every time they lower their energy usage, users will have a strong motivation to change their behavior and become more energy efficient, since they will essentially be getting paid to do so.

For example, a local transport authority could award ETK to commuters that choose to take public transportation to work instead of a car, or an electronics manufacturer could award ETK when consumers buy energy-efficient appliances.

They use Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence models to streamline the energy procurement process. As a result, customers of Energi Mine have access to energy consumption insights like never seen before.

Energi Mine aims to completely revolutionize the way energy is both traded and consumed, reduce global energy consumption, and drive down global retail energy prices.

Energi Mine ICO Details

Energy token is an ERC 20 token. Energi Token has a fifteen million United States dollars hard cap. A total of one and a half billion ETK tokens are being distributed in the token sale and two and a half billion is the total supply of ETK that will ever be available.

There is a supply of two and a half billion two billion three hundred seven million six hundred ninety-two thousand three hundred ten ETK out of which sixty five percent are being sold in the token sale. Twenty percent will be retained by ETK team and their advisors. Fifteen percent have been left as the reserve, which will give the company, the Energi Mine the option to allow corporate partners to purchase tokens. Sixty two percent of the funds received in the initial coin offering will be used for development, while twenty four percent will be spent on sales and marketing and fourteen percent on administrative and legal costs.


Energi Mine has the full potential to be a huge success and also be immensely profitable at the same time.  With the kind of team they have and the depth of the advisors and investors that they have, Energi Token is a force to be reckoned with and a star of the future. One should do deep as well as profound research before investing.


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