Essentia Interoperating And Data For The New Internet

The current social and technological aspect is a productive area for new ideas, services, and tools which are being generated swiftly and continuously. Users are given more option compared to the previous. But, the choice is presented at the risk of privacy, security and personal data utilization. Frequently, users and their data are regarded as the product to benefit.

A user’s experience is dependent on trusting third parties and mediators with the safety of their data and software environments. In this connection, being capable to protect users’ privacy efficiently and data relates a paradox. Blockchain-based technologies have the power to determine the issues presented by this context. In their present state, these technologies will not be adequate nor sufficient until users can quickly and proficiently associate with them. Decentralized resolutions and intermediary-free services or tools are of critical importance to allow users to retrieve control over their freedom, privacy and what orders their digital “life pieces” that includes their IDs and data.

Essentia Data Management Framework

Essentia provides a comprehensive set of solutions to users, decentralized service providers, and their technologies. Essentia is the multi-asset swiss-army knife solution that users perpetually have in their pocket. Presenting a gateway to decentralized sources and, through them, traditional internet services, while also possessing private, full control, over their identity, digital life and data. It supplies the solution rift of the current landscape and makes available a complete and varied multi-chain framework. Its primary goal is to enable users with a toolset of decentralized solutions which seamlessly combine with on-chain or off-chain systems, services or resources.

Essential preserves users’ privacy, needs, and security by generating a bleeding-edge and user-friendly framework. The Essentia framework provides full and granular power to users and enables them to perform anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or openly.

Users Benefit

Essentia frameworkThe users’ IDs, data, files, accounts, software, wallets, logins and so forth, are not controlled by third-parties or centralized services with the Essentia framework. They can only follow the user and always be fully available and used from anywhere, in a trustable working data environment. Protected by cryptography and blockchain-based systems, the user can immediately and securely obtain access to on-chain and off-chain third-party services and to interact with them. In each case, determining whether or not to distribute information or data.

The user’s data can be encrypted and sustained on decentralized storage, eliminating any concerns concerning the persistence and content of the user’s data. Users’ encrypted data is not publicly attached with their IDs. Data can only be cryptographically accessed and used by its owner and by whom the owner determines to give access and partial or full control.

Essentia ESS Token

ESS Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum Tokens. Every ESS Token is equivalent to each other and has precisely the same attributes, properties, and characteristics. After the ICO period closes, no extra ESS Tokens will be generated.

Essentia ESS Token

ESS Tokens, controlled principally by the ESS-Fuel module, works like the fuel of the Essentia Framework by fulfilling different functions. The Token layer and its features will be continuously introduced and performed during the development of the whole Essentia Platform.

Key Features

  • The full ownership and authority over a user’s own identity, digital life, and personal data
  • The minimum piece of information that the user/machine requirements is just his seed. The whole framework or just parts of it can be continuously loaded/bootstrapped from the seed, that can be safely collected on the hardware-key too (keyware).
  • An anonymous, pseudo-anonymous and real-world-compliant IDs and subIDs at user’s fingertips resolving the problem of having any intermediary own or inspect data the capacity to operate with multiple blockchains below one ecosystem, but retaining everything decentralized and in full control.
  • The capacity to hold everything decentralized, but under one ecosystem only.
  • The ability to keep everything private related where desired, by seamlessly creating sub IDs when required.
  • Making the availability accessible to users that wish to use decentralized systems and technologies, by Essentia integrated modules and dApps Store.
  • The integration of Essentia’s native hardware devices, to enhance security and associate the digital with the physical world.
  • The secure private login, interaction, and interoperability to multiple blockchain, third-party services, and decentralized applications.
  • Dedicated and expandable open-hardware machines capable of operating the whole framework or just part of it, if not just a standalone module like a complete Ethereum node.

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