FintruX Blockchain Based Global P2P Lending Ecosystem

The high interest rates of unsecured loans are usually associated with unsafe loans; interest on costs reduction is one of the most important motivations in the securitization sector, which is often done via the credit advancement to make it appealing on both borrowers and lenders.

An unsecured loan refers to a loan that is not protected and secured by any asset. With this case, the lender is at high risk and will likely charge a higher interest rate.

With that being said, FintruX Network’s innovative concept solves the three major issues of small time business (especially startups) to borrow from accredited investors, lenders, and financial institutions.

The FintruX Network (FTX) is one of the world’s first block chain – based online market and auto – administration crypto platform that connects and enables the following to configure and construct real – time:

  • Borrowers
  • Lenders
  • 3rd Party Guarantors
  • Specialized Service Agents

Provided that, the FintruX Network interrupts the way unsecured loans are being made and administered.

The Special Features of the FintruX Network (FTX)

fintrux features

The FintruX Network (FTX) aims to transform unsecured loans to highly secure ones. Given that intention, here are the following special features of the FintruX Network:

  • Credit Enhancements – With credit enhancements, the network seeks to counterbalance the lender’s credit risk, and to provide surging levels of insurances to cover the loss – therefore increasing the overall credit rating and reducing the interest rates simultaneously – the four surging levels of credit advancement are as: over – collateralization (as an additional collateral), local 3rd party guarantor, cross – collateralization (as an insurance), FintruX ultimate protection reserve.
  • No – Code Development – a unique Smart Contract is generated and deployed by the network for each approved loan of users who borrow real – time; this is to provide definite, immutable, and restriction – resistant where arbitration is not required. This process is all made possible by the no – code development feature.
  • Open Ecosystem – This feature provides borrowers with post – funding and self – serving administration options and full access to 3rd party rated agencies.
  • Instant Matching – This feature simplifies the loan application process
  • Refinance and Prepayment – This serves as options to provide borrowers with post – funding, self – service administration.

What is the FTX Token?

FintruX token

The FTX token is the native payment system and universal utility token that is issued by the FintruX Network ( The FTX token serves the following purposes on the crypto platform:

  • Rewards users for various participations
  • Borrowers and lenders pay for certain transactional fees
  • Agencies, guarantors, and the like are being paid with FTX tokens

In addition to that, we have indicated the complete details of the FTX token:

FTX Token InformationMetrics
Token TypeERC – 20 Compliant
AcceptsEthereum (ETH)
Bonus for the FirstUp to 5%
Bounty ProgramYes
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)No
Additional Token EmissionNo
Restricted CountriesChina, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and United States of America
Team LocationSingapore

List of the FintruX Network (FTX) Licensed Exchange Sites

Users can buy, sell, and trade FTX token on the listed exchanges below. Simply select an exchange site that honors fiat currencies such as USD, etc. and trade FTXs with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, etc.

Having said that, the FintruX Network tokens are currently transacted in the following licensed exchange sites to get you started:

FTX Licensed Exchange SitesTrading Pairs
Bancor NetworkFTX/BNT

The Team behind the FintruX Network (FTX)

The FintruX Network (FTX) founding team proudly harnesses decades of experience working in the Fintech industry and securitization sector. With that being said, the blockchain network has been applied with cascading levels of credit advancements to provide exceptional risk reduction towards loans.

Without further ado, here are the key people behind it:

Board of Directors

fintrux directors

  • Nelson Lin – Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Ng Eng Ho – Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Yew Poh Leong – Chairman of the Board
  • Bob Rinaldi – Business Director
  • Brinden Anandakumar – Legal and Compliance Director
Founding Team

fintrux founding team

  • Conrad Lin – Co – Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Gary Ng – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Aaron Xu – Frontend Developer
  • Douglas Thiessen – Blockchain Developer
  • Philemon Selvaraj – Data Analyst

Legal Board

fintrux legal

Board of Advisors

fintrux advisors

  • Dr. Jonathan Calof – Intelligence Advisor
  • Yash Mody – Business Advisor
  • Hussein Hallak – Strategic Advisor
  • Binh Vu – Legal Advisor
  • Victor Yuen – Financial Advisor
  • Dan Poh – Compliance Advisor
  • Elie Galam – Advisor
  • Abhijith Naraparaju – Blockchain Advisor
  • Jure Soklic – Banking Advisor

The FintruX Network (FTX) Roadmap Plan

fintrux roadmap

The FintruX Network (FTX) aims to make the borrowing and lending process a no – brainer for both parties. Having said that, we have outlined the development progress that the team has accomplished since its launch:

Q2 2017

  • Conducted an Ethereum (ETH) R&D (research and development)
  • DApp (development application) R&D (research and development)

Q3 2017

  • FintruX Network concept has been validated
  • Whitepaper has been released
  • Tokenization has started

Q4 2017

  • Focused practice
  • Wireframe officially ready

Q1 2018

  • Prototype officially ready
  • Open – source has started
  • Funding has started
  • New team members added

Q2 2018

  • Alpha test has been conducted
  • Real customers has been welcomed

The FintruX Network (FTX) Project

The FintruX Network (FTX) aims to eliminate the need for physical infrastructure and bring the convenience, full automation, growing efficiency, lessen the manual processes, and improve the overall experience of borrowing and lending.

Given that intention, here are the upcoming projects that the cryptocurrency platform has in store for its users:

Q3 2018

  • To conduct Beta test
  • To further develop the FintruX Network
  • To organize the services offered
  • To improve marketing strategies
  • To begin general availability

Q4 2018

  • To officially go to the market
  • To upscale the crypto platform
  • To make some extensions

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