Flixxo A Community Based Video Distribution

The blockchain is revolutionizing the way we live and socialize with the world. It is transforming the whole system of finance and economics by changing the direction without intermediaries. It is not restricted to transfer of currency, but it has many real-world purposes. An excellent platform which utilizes the Blockchain technology for video distribution is FLIXXO.

As A Video Distribution Network

Flixxo is another blockchain project which is a decentralized community-based video sharing platform where everyone can create content and at the same time earn directly with their content without any involvement of third party and centralized mechanism. It utilizes the Bit torrent platform for the content distribution. The platform also enables distributors of content to earn Flixx token for their production. Unlike YouTube where the administration defines revenue,

Flixxo provides content creator a power to choose on the cost of the content and incentives they want to give to distributors. Flixxo has its native token for the operation known as Flixx Token. Whenever content producer uploads any content on the system, Flixx tokens of that user are secured in a smart contract. Which blocks spam and help to preserve originality on the platform.


The flixx token will be utilized to compensate the creator of the video to inspire him to create more videos, and will only pay for the content that is opted to watch. The users of the flixx will get the flixx token in four ways, and the following are:

– Producing content and upload it on flixxo and fix some flixxo fee to let the people watch contents.
– Purchasing the flixxo from the market
– Obtaining some flixx from friend
– or watch a sponsored content

There will be no ads on the video as a user have to wait for 20 seconds to get over with the ads on youtube, or have to close down the undesired tabs of ads. The platform will be ads free. A user can watch their favorite videos from everywhere in the world from any device either it is a smartphone, a smart tv or iPad.

Watching the content will be much affordable, and there will be no possibility that someone else is using a producer’s content and making money. Flixxo is the solution to All the difficulties related to the video content.

The Flixxo Team


Adrián Garelik
Co-Founder at RSK Labs, Developing solutions for OTT
since 1998. Film producer.

Pablo Carbajo
Creator of Riecoin, 15-year experience developing
embedded systems at IBM, Toshiba

Federico Abad
UX / UI, Creator of PopCorn Time

Javier D ́Ovidio
Co-Founder and VP of Operations at EDRANS AI and Big Data

Olha Rymar
Head of Marketing and Communication

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