Friendz (FDZ) A digital marketing revolution on the blockchain!

The concept behind Friendz is very explicit and straightforward. Friendz is targeting to unite businesses and social network operators enthusiastic to promote the corporations on their individual profiles. The company will generate direct requests to their loyal customers to make marketing activities. These activities include producing and posting marketing content on their web pages on networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.immediately the operation is accomplished the consumer is awarded by the conforming corporation with Friendz’ tokens denoted as FDZ (ERC-20 tokens).

Before the content is publicized, it’s to be authorized by two persons. First of all are the activity approvers with a certified background who check that the corporation request labeling the content formation doesn’t challenge Friendz policy. Then content approvers whose knowledge and skills fulfill particular requirements check that the created content corresponds to systems of Friendz and the trademark. Moreover, activity and content approvers earn FDZ tokens for the services they offer.

Friendz Work Team

Friendz ICO Team comprises up to 35 associates. Underneath is some background information on the Founders and Advisors.

Alessandro Cadoni – Co-founder of Friendz and works as the head of the Community Division. He possesses an MSc in Engineering Management. He earned his first commercial understanding establishing an e-commerce site for women’s clothing. Moreover, he was also a software developer for one year after that he attended a course on entrepreneurial development In Italy.

Cecilia Nostro – another Co-founder of Friendz and works as Head of the Marketing and Sales Division. She possesses Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has spent 8 months with a brand constancy corporation before founding Friendz.

Daniele Scagilia – a different Co-founder and Head of the Operations Division. He possesses a degree in Industrial Procedural Engineering.

How Friendz works

Friendz is a fast developing corporation that unites brands with their target addresses. Corporations and large brands will have a chance to advertise to a targeted audience while operators can receive rewards for publicizing content on social media. Friendz at present is operational merchandise that was launched in 2016. The corporation has been growing speedily. It has developed from an artless idea into a corporation of 35 workers, +200 multinational clients, +200k operators and much more. Friendz has already attained massive clients comprising of Uber, PayPal, Nestle, Phillips, Sony and more.

Benefits of Friendz

Large team of 35 people
Most ICOs has a small crew of 5-10 individuals. The amount of team associates isn’t the only significant aspects, but you can picture the dissimilarity between the projects that have five individuals working for it equated to a plan with 35 persons. Much work will be done with a larger team.

High-Quality Work in Every Area
Many ICOs come up with big promises, but their excellence in work has been very little in all aspects. When you go from side to side what Friendz has completed, you can see that they are generating top-notch merchandises and material.

How to Participate Friendz ICO

Go to
On their Web site, you’ll discover all the information concerning their corporation, ICO, and project

Click Sign Up
One can sign up using email or Google, and it takes up to five seconds only. Fill out the information and apply for the whitelist.

Submit Your Passport and Picture of yourself
If a person wants to donate more than 1 ETH, you require knowing your customer, meaning you have to send an image of yourself to authenticate that personality.

Participation of the ICO
The ICO commences on 1st of March and ends after 20 days until the hard cap of 750,000,000 has been obtained.

Why Does Friendz Need Blockchain And Tokens?

Most ICOs don’t have a real necessity for the blockchain. They reasonably use it as a substitute for a database to elevate more coinage. The blockchain can be massively advantageous with Friendz. Tokens will be used, for instance, when operators share the content on public mass media. Devoid of a blockchain, the system could necessitate much more system to do the whole thing by hand. That’s only one advantage of the blockchain in this circumstance.

It also allows undeviating linking amid brands and operators when using the decentralized blockchain and the token scheme. The blockchain causes transparency and trust towards operators and brands. Moreover, Friendz is starting to create partnerships with +150 large e-commerce platforms. Operators could then use their tokens when purchasing something online.

Token distribution
• 50% – token sale
• 20% – reserve fund
• 11% – partners
• 7% – advisors
• 5% – liquidity fund
• 5% – team
• 2% – bounty program

Participants of Friendz platform

Advertisers describe the strictures of a marketing movement: budget, number of partakers, target audience, social media, the concept and inventive element. The platform wires campaigns to upsurge brand awareness, product placement, augmented activity, creating prospective customers, market research

Select a fascinating ad campaign, generate the content centered on the rubrics of the campaign, upload it on the web pages of their social media and get awarded.

They authorizes the constancy of the advertising campaign delivered by the advertiser with Friendz in-house policy.





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