GAMB (GMB): The Liberated, Self-Governed eCommerce

Founded in 2005, Gambio is the German market leader for e-commerce software with more than 25,000 active merchants utilizing Gambio’s software, producing annual store incomes of more than 2.3 billion Euros approximately 2.7 billion U.S. Dollars. The company is investing in a global network of strategic partners that include tech and logistics giants such as Google, Klarna, and DHL.

The company is seeing revolutionary centralization of economic control by leading tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple (GAFA), and Facebook. Amazon holds the lead with 55% of all product searches. More than 4 million merchants worldwide use the Amazon marketplace and underlying services as a sales channel.

Centralization of commerce is a concrete threat to online and offline merchants related. Merchants can be barred and voided of any services, be it commerce or advertising by Amazon-like monopoly authorities.

GAMB As A Market Leader

GAMB recognized as the market leader for e-commerce software in Germany and has a long-lasting history of generating profitable business in the industry.

Based on open-source software, GAMB has built a thriving the ecosystem for merchants that allows the usage of industry-leading integrations for e-commerce core services such as:
• Payment
• Marketing
• Logistics
• Legal
• Content Creation

GAMB’s objective is to become the decentralized marketplace of the future, administered by smart contracts, and with no other decision making entity than the stakeholders. Only the Merchant Alliance members of the token holders will establish rules and controls, and program them into smart contracts, ensuring transparency, trust, and sustainability.

Decentralizing As The Merchants Solution

GAMB has developed an intuitive all-in-one e-commerce solution. In more than ten years, this open-source software has continually been developed to solve our merchant’s requirements. As of today, it is is very adaptable and available as self-hosted and a cloud version.

With its flourishing merchant support of more than 25,000 active online stores is in a unique state to drive the industry into a sustainable alternative to Amazon, based on open-source software powered by blockchain technology. They firmly think that merchants need to be enabled to provide the best products and the best assistance to consumers.

The best option is a decentralized, organized marketplace which will in the future be managed by merchants themselves. Decisions concerning highlights and services as well as charge and fee structures will not be imposed upon merchants anymore. Instead, they will choose amongst themselves in a decentralize autonomous organization (DAO).

The idea of a merchant alliance works as a strong basis to develop the organizational structure to determine the marketplace. Merchants across the globe become members of this community and thus engage in the decision-making process, by merely owning GMB tokens.

GAMB’s Token Economy

The GAMB token market has been amplified to promote the initiation of a new e-commerce ecosystem with additional value. Use cases of the GMB token were identified entirely to create a growing ecosystem with sustainable advantages for its participants.

Therefore, the GMB token has been created to help the initiation or completion of a transaction for a great or service as well as a contribution to the GAMB marketplace. The token has no right on the issuer and is targeted at the main driving forces of the decentralized established marketplace ecosystem:
• Merchants
• Customers
• Token Holders
• Developer Community

Each merchant, regardless of what e-commerce software is utilized, can become a member of the merchant alliance, only by obtaining and owning tokens. Merchants will be designated a merchant ID which merged with the blockchain token address of the merchant and its unique username, establishes the unique identifier enabling the membership of the merchant alliance.

Token Distribution

The GAMB Core Team

The Gambio team is composed of more than 56 employees across multiple functions. Over 70% of all employees operate in development and support functions. The team is built and ready to proceed with the realization of the project.


Luis Krug is one of Europe’s eCommerce pioneers, having commenced his first company at age 25. Founder of Redcoon, an e-commerce a retail project that invoiced over 500.000.000 € annual turnover, Luis knows how to begin and scale e-commerce related projects. He has also joined in Rebelio, BuyVip, and Pixmania. Since 2003 he operates the technological Incubator INCUBOUT out of Barcelona, having funded in more than 15 digital startups. His present portfolio involves projects such as,, and Luis holds a BA in Business Administration and an MSc. in Information Systems from DePaul University in Chicago.



Emrah Hizarci is one of Europe’s principal e-commerce tech experts having created several e-commerce frameworks that have processed over 1.5 billion EURO annual turnover. Currently, he is a partner at the technological incubator and structure builder INCUBOUT. Emrah is the lead architect of the SaaS-based software frameworks Comandia, Shopator, and Yeebah which together host over 22.000 online shops globally. Emrah attains a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Marmara University.




GAMB Community

GAMB team has been very active with their social media communities such as in Telegram, Twitter, and read more about the GAMB project on MediumFor the latest news, GAMB listed GMB to KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

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