Genaro Network: Decentralized Storage On Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem


Genaro Network is a blockchain based ecosystem that aims at encouraging users to share their spare disk space in return for a reward paid in tokens. The Genaro Network has its eyes set on making the world’s largest cloud storage system by utilizing storage spaces from the users. They aim at providing a base for new projects where blockchain developers can deploy smart contracts and also store their data simultaneously. Now with the introduction of blockchain 3.0, Genaro Network also aims in developing blockchain infrastructure.

Genaro Network also has plans to focus more on DApps and user application hosting. It can also act as a base for more intelligent as well as powerful programs that need a hell lot of space to accommodate its computing power. This platform has the potential to power simple user programs like small apps to high-level programs like evolving artificial intelligence or high-level programming in the robotics field.

Genaro Network is revolutionizing the storage scenario. It is moving from cloud to blockchain which is more secure and connected. According to Genaro, the only blockchain can help us in revolutionizing the way which we deal with large data and programs like artificial intelligence. They say that only if we move from cloud to blockchain, decentralized applications will be as useful as internet applications.


Larry Liu is the founder and project lead of Genaro Network. Larry is an entrepreneur with an engineering degree who has worked as a security engineer in Hewlett Packard, after getting his degree from North Western University U.S.A. Jason Inch is the co-founder and the strategic lead at Genaro Network. Inch has more than twenty years of experience in Silicon Valley as a tech expert. He is also the founder of China Business Events meet up the community. He is also an accomplished author. Waylon Wu is also a co-founder and the technology lead at Genaro Network. Andrea Liu is the technology lead.


The prime objective of Genaro Network is to build a Turing-complete public blockchain with a decentralized network. This will act as the new breeding ground for the Genaro Network’s ecosystem of decentralized applications. Applications which need a lot of space, which is currently not as good in blockchain 2.0 platforms like etherium will come running for Genaro Network ecosystem as it can handle massive files like videos and solve the scaling issues.

Genaro Network’s other ventures like Genaro HUB and Genaro ACCELERATOR will aid in making the Genaro Network ecosystem more friendly for DApps. The Genaro HUB has physical co-working spaces where the Genaro Network helps in developer collaborations. Genaro ACCELERATOR provides the support needed for developers in the Genaro Network ecosystem.

GNX, THE Genaro token.

A total of 7 billion GNX tokens is issued where eighty-five percent of the supply is allocated to the general public. Fifteen percentage is designated to the Genaro Network team where the fifteen is further split into two, nine percent for co-founders and six for the consultants. The GNX tokens are priced at the rate of 1 ETH = 3000 GNX


One of the main drawbacks of blockchain 2.0 based platforms like etherium and bitcoin is its incapacity to hold large data. Here is where Genaro Network comes in, with its new ecosystem based on blockchain 3.0 it can focus on smart contracts and storage to the blockchain, hence creating the world’s first smart storage. Developers can build DApps or decentralized applications on this platform by taking advantage of Genaro Network’s smart storage and smart contracts. The future does look bright for Genaro Network.

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