Genesis Vision (GVT) – Blockchain Powered Trust Management Platform


What is Genesis vision, this question arises to many in the back of their minds? Well, taking a look at their website it seems Genesis vision is a quite interesting project. Genesis vision brings together exchanges, traders, investors, and brokers in a decentralized way. It will make the global finance market come together on the same platform and become more accessible and will have universal appeal. This move will be appreciated by everyone as they have the opportunity to trade out of their country.

Genesis Vision is built using blockchain technology, utilizing the benefits of smart contracts. In Genesis vision, each manager will have their cryptocurrency. Transferring of funds to the manager happens at the private exchange by buying the managers cryptocurrency. It started as a mini project approx two years ago by a team of incredibly talented people. It started as a pet project by a bunch of Russian guys, and look now what it is.

Genesis vision is a platform where investors buy tokens from the managers. These managers have a successful history of trading profitably. And these managers can distribute more tokens than the manager with less success can.

This platform gives access to people a wide range of financial services. And users will have the option of choosing the right manager for them which suits the user.

How It Works

Genesis vision platform comes with a straightforward interface which syncs with everyone managers, investors, and brokers. The Genesis vision platform is built on blockchain technology, and smarts contracts concept runs it. This platform will allow users to pick their strategies that suits them and users can also choose from a range of approaches offered by various investors and brokers on the platform. These strategies are based on artificial intelligence, so it will improve day by day.

Each manager present on the Genesis vision platform will have their tokens. To invest in specific strategy from a manager, you need to purchase some tokens from that manager. The trader can operate on an exchange or through a convenient broker. Genesis vision represents an open source of reliable info about the network and a transparent system of investment built on smart contracts.

For more information about it refer to their whitepaper.

The Team At Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision has many cryptocurrency experts at their helm, Who is making the Genesis Vision the mainstream cryptocurrency. The team of Genesis Vision is very optimistic about making to the top.

Well, for the information, Genesis Vision is the brainchild of three Russian enthusiasts. Genesis Vision was founded by Dmitry Nazarov, Ruslan Kamensky, and Alexey kutsenko.


Genesis Vision recently launched the alpha version 2.0 for its platform, where users were already able to make the transactions with other crypto exchanges using other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies.

Its Alpha version enables managers on the platform to start the investment process. It will form a static database for the platform which will, in turn, help investors to make the right decision.

On What Exchanges Genesis Vision Can Be Traded

Many trades added GVT to their trading list. At the time of writing this, Genesis Vision currently listed on these five exchanges. To buy the GVT, you need have a mandatory account on these exchanges. Genesis Vision coin exchanges are listed below.

These five exchanges will allow trading Genesis Vision instantly. And Genesis Vision team is working to make other exchanges to come on board.


Genesis Vision is the pure product for financial purposes that bring together investors, brokers, and traders. That is why it is trading relatively high than other product based cryptocurrencies. Traders at Genesis Vision have been optimistic about it rises.

As of May 21, 2018, it is traded at USD 18 which is impressive for a relatively new cryptocurrency in the market. And it is improving day by day. And the Market capital of Genesis Vision is around USD 66 million which is equally as impressive as others. Some people are optimistic about Genesis Vision coin prediction as they see much potential in this cryptocurrency. Experts predict that it will continue to rise further and make everyone happy.

Road Map for Future

Before Genesis vision breaks into the global market, plenty of work is to be done. But for now, they rolled out the alpha version of their blockchain platform.

Integration of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader is to be done within 2018. They are also planning to launch a beta version of the platform. And hoping to add more exchanges by the end of 2018 and 2019 is rather ambitious for them as they have planned to launch next alpha version and integrating its blockchain platform to the stock exchanges. Alpha version will be launched for mobile and web both.

And in 2020 they hope to release alpha version 2.0 and adding the bank’s integration on its blockchain platform which will be very important for their progress going ahead.

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