HireGO Revolutionizing the Car Rental Market with Blockchain Technology

Traveling holds an essential place in our lives and with that associate many things with the mode of transport and how we are traveling. So here we shall discuss all the HireGo system. It is basically a peer to peer car sharing platform. This system is ever increasing and has been accepted by many in the different nations. This system is basically a blockchain system market, and with a secure transaction system, the HireGo system is seeing huge growth. This innovative technology has given a new concept to the world of technology.

It is a company from the UK which is working with a San Francisco based company to work on with a peer to peer car hire car-sharing service. This idea of work is getting a huge response from different parts of the word making this system get a tremendous response. This system is getting a hit on the decentralized hire of car and sharing, and it is no doubt operating to be the future of the system. There are many as such organizations which are looking to follow the same system, but they are in lack of the blockchain idea which makes the system special.

Features of HireGo system


Anyone using the blockchain platform can smoothly use it as it is easy to use and have no complexion which increases the trust system and help in the better run of the system. The system is so secure that only the genuine and the trustworthy can get a system work out here. Here any comment or review is given is easily stored in the system and kept it as a record for any future purpose. It is totally a secure system to use.

Reasonable Fees

The operating cost of the system is very reasonable as compared to that of any other. It every increase system has seen growth, and the main reason behind is the reasonable price tag. The cost of the system is associated with the running of the application. The reasonable price and long-term support system make this a reliable and supportive system. In the coming time, the cost of the system will run down more as will surely take the deal in the market system. The main reason behind the system is to have a decentralized running system.

Smart Contracts

The system comes with a contractual code which runs in the Ethereum network. This system helps in the removal of the middle man which allows the users to get direct access to the user and the company directly. Using the system for a free and rental transaction is easy. There are many as such system which this system comes loaded with which helps in the abolishment of the middle man making the system run smooth. People across nations are accepting this system and have a great appreciation of the system on work done.

IoT Ready

The IoT system has come up with a fresh and updated version of the system which allows the users access to the vehicles which help in the govern by the requisite tokens. The updates and a new version of the system have helped the system to come up with many as such features too.

General information about HireGo


  • Traceability and transparency

As the system belongs to a blockchain system, it gets easy to track down what is going on in the system and helps you to locate out the problems and sort it out easily. Unlike another place where the whole system needs to get shut down here only, the defected location can be brought out and can be treated quickly. This practical way helps from tempering the whole system and get help from saving time and money. The other companies across the globe are looking into this solution for the best of the outcome.

  • Earning of the token rewards and the electric vehicle

The system rewards its users on the use of the system. Here you can use the system and work on it and get rewards on the use of the service. It encourages many people from using it. The attraction system used in the HireGo has helped many to get associated with the system and in the coming time, there will be many such schemes which will surely attract many of the users. There is a use in the electric vehicle where you get a special discount and get more towards the system.

  • The user control system

The users get full access to the system and help to gain full control over how the system. There are many as such system, but there the user doesn’t get full access to the system, but here the users have full control on what they are doing and help you to get all kinds of updates so that you can get the best. Due to this reason, there is a huge population who got attracted towards this exceptional service making it soon reach the hike in the transport system.

  • Blockchain encrypted key less access

Here the system will provide you with an ID with which you can get easy access to the system. The system is fast smooth and works very easily. There are many as such system available on the market but don’t work out. To get access to the system where you don’t have to pull out for any verification every time you want to get access with. Simply you need to get the log in with your ID, and that’s it. The better the system, the greater it will be to users

Our Team

hirego team

Here we shall list out the member of the teams who are in associate with the system making the system work smooth and helped in the elevation of the HireGo system.

  • Luqman Hussain

He is the managing director of the system and also works as the block chain expert in the system. His contribution means a lot to the system.

  • Adil Bashir

He holds the post of the operations director of the system and also manages the industry analyst of the system making the system go smooth for the long run.

  • Coleman Maher

The ICO is one of the significant positions of the system and he hold that position for a better maintaining and better suggestion for the best of the value.

  • Ali Ayyash

With the position of the block chain advisor he contribute a lot in the system run which  helps in the smooth run of the system.

  • Claudio Ramirez

He also works as the block chain advisor and helps in the smooth run of the block chain so that no such disputes can be traced on the run of the system.

  • Dr. Vimal Gahlot

He holds the most important post which is the urban transport expert post. Without his contribution the system can’t get a start out. He also helps in managing the funds from the World Bank for the road projects. He also have a wide knowledge in the public transport planning and engineering.

  • Esther Carrion

The economic advisor post is given to her and must say she really maintained the dignity of the post.

  • Luke Mitchell

The smart contract advisor and the block chain department is looked after by him making this process a delightful one.

  • Nyugen Quang

He is the marketing expert of the system and provide with all the best of the solutions for the promotions.

  • Lee ming ming

The smart contracts developer post is given to him and yes he have delivered remarkable work for the company.

  • Shakil Hussain

The interface design and other designs sections is looked after by him making this system go smooth and looks good.

This was all about the team members and their contribution towards the system. Now let’s have a look on the token information.

  • Rob Tomkins

He looks after the ICO deparment and also have a hold on the investment advisor post which makes the system get a better and proper run in the system.

  • Andrew Edginton

All the data related section is looked after by him making sure everything is going good with the system.

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