FintruX To Be Listed On HitBTC

The blockchain-based online market that has an automated administration platform that connects specialized servicing agents, lenders and borrowers to enable them to construct and configure every borrower’s contract in real time is called FintruX.

FintruX has the following features:

It has automatically generated smart contracts that the FintruX network can deploy for every approved loan in real time. That became possible because of FintruX’s no-code development technology.

FintruX can maintain and provide a decentralized review platform for lenders, borrowers and every service agency that has a basis on the Ethereum smart contracts.

The FTX Token is in use to power the FintruX Network. It also works as a way to reward anyone’s participation in the marketplace.

Lenders and borrowers may pay a transactional fee to FTX so they can use the FintruX platform.

FintruX invited their network partners to create innovative asset classes in the ecosystem for the development of the platform. FintruX will provide a marketplace for the lenders so they can trade their loans to one another.

Recently, FintruX releases an official statement that they’ll be listed on HitBTC. It aims to turn into a global platform for companies that deal with virtual currencies. HitBTC is under operation by Hit Techs Limited, and it seeks to turn into a worldwide platform for companies that sell virtual currencies and provide the most advance clearing and exchange technologies.

The developed the platform in 2013 has an agreement of 6 million dollars venture investments. It is a collaboration between experienced traders, software developers, and finance professionals.

One of the most advanced technological products in its class is the core matching engine. It also implements innovative features like superior order matching algorithms, real-time clearing and it became famous for its high availability, fault-tolerance, and uptime.

Everyone knows that the throne will never become vacant. It might be quite early to claim that the king is dead. However, we need to consider that option since people believe Mt. Gox as a fatal mistake. However, the scene is now better because of the entrance of the new exchange service called Hitbtc. Because of the recent comments, reports, analysis, and revelations published on the global web, this newcomer now has the opportunity to collect experience without acting itself as well as observe the happenings.

Any comparison or criticism may get broken. The developers proved that they are farsighted because of the new platform’s key features. It has a state of the art cryptography, two-factor authentication, FIPS validation, LTC/EUR and LTC/USD, BTC/EUR and BTC/USD currency pairs. They announced about these options more than a month ago, and that means the developers proved themselves to be farsighted.

Last February 14, there was a massive investment from a group of entrepreneurs from Israel that empowered the launch. The sum was able to reach 3 million dollars, and it was more than enough for a perfectly timed opening. The page possesses all of the necessary qualities for it to become the branch’s leader since it uses examples that came from not only the existing cryptographic currency services but also the reliable and most respectful giants of the economy and finance like LSE, NASDAQ, and NYSE. Some of the provided actions may be updated or copied according to the Bitcoin and other virtual currencies’ requirements.

Different groups of the auditory – from experts to newbies – get attracted to the excessive features as well as the simple interface and registration routine. It includes the existing pairs of trading like LTC/EUR, LTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and BTC/USD. Everyone who finds the platform interesting may take a look at the statistics and data. It is likely for them to reveal some of the specials soon. They may follow the VIX and BTCX indices so the trading process will get adjusted. The newsfeed ticker is its most distinctive feature that may get updated immediately from various sources of information. Hitbtc’s promising start as a business allowed it to attract some brokerage companies who would want to contribute to the creation of desktop and mobile applications of the service.

Nowadays, the principles of privacy and safety are the primary functions that people would have to observe when they choose and exchanger. The developers were able to work on an impressive set of protection matters when the state of the art cryptography got combined with the FIPS validation and offered the two-factor authentication. Their compliance with the AML guidelines will cover the legislative aspect. However, the administration would have to follow the situation to exclude criminal activities or any suspicious behavior. They are also ready to provide support through consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their page is in English, but the team promised to prepare Chinese, Spanish, German, and French translations very soon. As of the moment, the developers are grateful for any pieces of advice or comments from the users so they can make the platform more comfortable. Visit your page and form your own opinion. Only time will show if Hitbtc will support the nature to abhor the vacuum found in the online financial environment.

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