Huobi as one of the Leading Global Digital Asset Exchanges

Huobi is a cryptocurrency focused in the Southeast Asian market. Huobi can be termed as a loyalty-based system backed by blockchain technology. The Huobi is an Etherium ERC20 based platform. When compared to the other coins, the main difference that HT token has is that Huobi didn’t raise project fund through an initial coin offering.

Huobi tokens can be used to reduce trading fees up to a staggering fifty percent. Further users can buy VIP package to reduce the trading fees further. Huobi is also doing a buyback program where Huobi buys its token back this further reduces the availability of HT tokens and will result in an increased price for the HT. One of the other advantages of buying the Huobi token is that the token holders will get exclusive token airdrops, that too the recent game token airdrops like GTC token. You can use Huobi token to vote for free, then get your favorite token listed and the user can later incentivize from it.

The Team

huobi team

Leon Li is at the management Huobi having the position of CEO. Leon LI graduated from China’s Tsinghua University with a masters degree in automation engineering, he has immense experience in the software field and is also a well-renowned entrepreneur. Xianfeng Cheng is the CTO of Huobi. He has worked with many giants like OneAPM, jimubox and Chinese MongoDB community. He is also very well experienced and is considered as an industry expert. Jiawei Zhu is the COO of the company. He has the profound experience of conducting blockchain technology training for over forty companies and many more universities.

How does Huobi Work?

Huobi token has been doing very well in the past few weeks in the market. This uptrend is due to the changed rules in the HADAX community voting process. The change in rule allows Huobi tokens to vote freely and get rewarded with free coins. Huobi tokens can vote on the HADAX platform and can get their preferred list projected. Each vote cost 0.1 HT. The Huobi users can put a minimum of 0.1 votes and a maximum of one million votes. It can only be done for a maximum of three projects.

Even more, voting rules were recently changed to give maximum benefit to Huobi users. Actually, the voting process is free. All the Huobi tokens used for the completion of the voting process is refunded, and voters will get incentivized anyway when the project they voted for gets enlisted.

The Huobi Token

The Huobi token is not an initial coin offering. Only by purchasing point cards on Huobi pro, one can get access to Huobi tokens. It is Huobis prepaid card for basic trading fees. Huobi will only be distributing a fixed amount of five hundred million houbi tokens. It will never be increased. Out of the five hundred million, three hundred million is given as a gift for purchasing point cards.

During each quarter Huobi will use twenty percent of its total income to buy back Huobi coins from the open market. All the Huobi token which are bought back are allocated to the Huobi investor protection

fund (HIPF). The Huobi investor protection fund will be used by Huobi to compensate for the loss of the investors ensuring a stable market for Huobi and protecting the interests of the investors at the same time.


The cryptocurrency market is growing, and more and more people are getting aware of cryptocurrencies and the benefits that they have. In Huobi token you can make a straightforward investment and

earn money while you transact. Even though the market is fluctuating Huobi is showing constant growth. The Huobi token is enjoying every bit of popularity that the Huobi exchange enjoys. Huobi is growing every day, and the future for Huobi is looking good and bright.


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