Kairos: Serving Businesses with Face Recognition


Kairos is the first of its kind artificial intelligence crypto asset management fund. It is a blockchain exchange traded fund that ID fully managed by using artificial intelligence from one end to the other. Kairos is aiming to use artificial intelligence to its full capacity so that they can make much more informed decisions and better calculated risks. This magnificent feat is achieved through the use of its artificial intelligence agent called as the Kairos. It is very much predictive in nature, and is also efficient in analyzing mass data with incredible speed and accuracy. Kairos AI manages the Kairos Fund by optimizing and harnessing the vast profit potentials available in the crypto markets. The Kairos Fund ultimately utilizes the full power of the artificial intelligence mixed with the foolproof integrity of the blockchain to effectively manage crypto assets with the aim of increasing the Net Asset Value of each token.

Kairos is very much more than an initial coin offering project.  Kairos is a well-versed, experienced and established company with more than six years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence and face recognition. Using comprehensive computer vision as well as machine learning the products of this company are able to recognize faces in photos, videos and in the real-world. This makes it a whole lot easier to transform the way different businesses are actually interacting with people.

This is quite serious. Kairos is designated to navigate the different and multiple complexities of face analysis technology so that businesses don’t have to. Through the state of the art technologies of this age, every single developer is capable of integrating the functions easily.

The Team

Kairos team

  How does Kairos work?

Kairos is an investment fund managed by artificial intelligence. It is not such a big deal as plenty of investment fund are managed by artificial intelligence or trade bots in today’s world. This is where kairos scores. The value of kairos lies in its artificial intelligence technology. The quality of artificial intelligence in the crypto currency field will be evaluated by the accuracy in which the artificial intelligence can predict the price movements in the notoriously volatile world of crypto currency.

Like other investment funds, kairos also revolves around the use of kairos token. You buy kairos token as a representation of ownership stake in the fund. A grand total of fifteen million tokens will be made. Investors’ funds will be invested into a diversified pool of digital currencies and assets that have shown great potentials and are expected to experience rapid growth in the near future. For further clarification, one should study Kairos’s whitepaper to know about their artificial intelligence management.

The Token

kairos token

The Kairos token (KRX) represents your stake in the investment fund. The total supply of tokens created will be nearly twenty five million.  Nearly fifteen million will be given for sales. Nearly ten dollar per token. Payment can be done using BitcoinEthereum, or Litecoin. 6.25 million tokens are reserved for future offerings. 2.5 million Tokens are held by the Kairos development team. 1.25 million Are reserved for early backers.Bonuses are available based on investment size. Bonuses start at 0.5% for investments greater than 50 ETH.


Kairos is not the only trading bot in today’s market. There is a plethora of options inside and outside the crypto currency community. The main concern is that kairos has not yet publically release its performance results. Kairos is a working successful business with a long list of more than solid customers, a working product, and a technology providing enterprises with plenty of information about their customers and therefore helping them to grow. With the level of expertise they have and the amount of investors and advisors, Kairos is a force to reckon with and the future for kairos looks bright and good.

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