Kambria: Fueling The Robotics Economy

Although robots have achieved in getting their place in manufacturing, they have not yet been broadly embraced at home. For more than half a century of study, progress has been slow in producing affordable robots that can address our everyday requirements in the home. Traditional development processes used by robotics companies result in high-cost production, which is not sufficient for the everyday consumer market. Only robots programmed to do very simple household tasks, such as vacuuming or mowing, were capable of capitalizing on the small profit margins resulting from consumer products. Highly functional robots, including the Honda Asimoiv that can walk up the stairs and Toyota’s Human Support Robotv that can fetch, are restricted to research facilities due to their expensive price tags. OhmniLabs does not consider that this will be commercially viable in the near future.

What is Kambria?

Kambria is a decentralized, open innovation platform operated by Kambria International (“KI”) that will promote a collaborative ecosystem, with the aim of dramatically quickening the development and adoption of the world’s most exceptional robotic technologies.

Drawing influence from other widely acclaimed open source operating systems like Linux and Android, the center of the Kambria platform is a public repository composed of a high-level behavior library and modular hardware and software elements for robotics. The repository is intended to maximize reusability and collaboration throughout development.

Their ultimate goal is to design and fulfill the most competent yet affordable consumer robots at 10x the speed, performance, and ease. The founders of KI consider that the Kambria platform will open substantial innovation in markets that are primed for technological transformation. Picture a world where an ill-stricken daughter doesn’t have to abstain on playing with her grandma thousands of miles away; where she can be protected alone; a world where she is provided automated care around the clock; and where the excellent teachers can train her in the comfort of her house. They believe this reality can be achieved in the near future with the Kambria robotics innovation platform developed by the community.

Architecture and Utility Token Model

Kambria’s Platform architecture is built up of five pillars: Code Base (KDNA), the innovation marketplace, the manufacturing alliance, value capture, and legal enforcement. Each pillar directly approaches the shortfalls of modern robotics development and is intended to maximize the incentives for collaborative development based on game theory.

Activities on the platform are aided by KAT and Kambria Karma. KAT is a native ERC20 utility token created, issued and deployed by KTI. Its main purposes are to facilitate access to the Kambria Platform, reward participation, and adjust incentives for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Kambria Blockchain AI & Robotics Platform Collaboration

The Kambria platform will include four categories of participants to sustain the robotics development. These participants comprise of the following:

  • Developers-Kambria gives for an easy-to-use interface and tools from where developers can come up with innovative robotic technology
  • Backers-investors and financiers can support the robotic projects and developments at a portion of the traditional cost
  • Users-Kambria delivers proficient and affordable robotics services for the basic participants.
  • Companies-the Kambria community presents companies with the possibility to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the members and advantage.
Kambria KAT Token ICO Accessories
  • The Kambria project is comparatively new and plans to enlist its ICO soon although the precise details are still not available. However, the platform engages their token details and distribution system:
  • Entire community (50%)
  • A bonus system for the token holders (40%)
  • Community Fund (10%)
  • Ticker Symbol: KATT
  • Token model: ERC20
  • Token supply: 5 Billion KATT tokens
  • Diversification and reduce risks since Kambria provides an opportunity for one to invest in several robotic portfolios and tested product.

Kambria KAT Token ICO Details

The Kambria project is almost new and plans to enlist its ICO soon although the exact details are still not open. However, the platform engages their token information and distribution system:

  1. Entire community (50%) ICO Details
  2. A bonus system for the token holders (40%)
  3. Community Fund (10%)
  4. Ticker Symbol: KATT
  5. Token model: ERC20
  6. Token supply: 5 Billion KATT tokens

Kambria Team

The team is comprised of highly qualified team members and top-notch investors that will positively add certainty to the project to make it a success. Aside from having field specialists and people with blockchain expertise on their team, Kambria has also been supported by one of the most valued Venture Capital firms in this industry, called #HASHED. Partner and CEO of #HASHED, Simon Seojoon Kim is also one of the project advisors and is associated by other industry giants, like Kyber Network’s CEO Loi Luu, NEO Capital founding partner, Roger Lim, and WeTrust CEO and Co-founder George Li.

Useful Links For Kambria’s Latest Update And Development

Official Website
Telegram (ENG)
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