The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To KuCoin Exchange 2018

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is an international, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports more than 200 digital assets. It boasts a platform equipped with high – level of security and a friendly user – interface.

The KuCoin platform has set out a network where users and holders gain a significant share of the marketplace.

The Special Features of KuCoin

kucoin shares

KuCoin is getting more international recognition due to its low trading transaction fees and no deposit fees plus. The core team strives to separate its platform from other cryptocurrency exchanges by putting up the following special features below:

    • No deposit fees
    • Bank – level security for digital assets
    • Powerful application programming interface (API)
    • Consultant team that is comprised with financial experts
    • Trading fee discount – if a user holds a certain amount of KCS tokens in his account when placing orders to trade, this will lower the fee. The KuCoin platform takes a screenshot of a user’s holdings every day at 00:00 (UTC +8). The discount rate will be available after an hour and lasts until the next snapshot so you better hurry to benefit from it.
    • Exclusive rights – if a user holds a certain amount of KCS tokens in his account, he will gain access on special features and services such as one – on – one investment consultations, customer service fast – pass, etc. (however, the amount of KCS tokens in order to gain access is not specified)
    • Daily bonus – to acquire the daily bonus, users must deposit tokens to the KCS platform. The platform will then conduct accounting and reward bonus based on to the holdings in the user’s account at 00:00 (UTC +8) that day and all the trading fees charged on the preceding day. The daily bonus is directly deposited to the user’s KCS account in its equivalent currency.
    • Incentive bonus – if a user holds KCS tokens on his account, he will be rewarded with an incentive bonus which is equivalent to 50% of the total trading fees charged by KuCoin.
    • Invitation bonus – users who successfully invite individuals to register and trade on the KuCoin Shares platform will receive a bonus. Plus, users who send the invitation code will receive a portion of the trading fee/s accumulated by the invitee. This feature has a pyramid effect, a user can accumulate invitation bonuses for the traders (that you have invited) invites.
    • GAS airdrop – users who hold NEO crypto coins on their KuCoin account, they can be rewarded with GAS crypto coins and the counting starts every midnight (as of now, the GAS coin reward ratio stands at 0.03%, it also depends on the NEO block chain which changes every day). In order to get GAS rewards, an account must have an activated Google two – step verification and more than 0.000000001.
    • Financial System Stability – KuCoin has high levels of stability specifically reserved for the financing sector. The underlying financial system has consists of multi – cluster and multilayer architecture.
    • Financial security – KuCoin Shares wallets are backed up with multiple security levels to fit the storage scale in query; standard transfer encryption protocol for data transfer layers where user data and sensitive data stored on a bank – level data encryption; and a multifactor dynamic authentication.
    • Operational security – this feature consist of an internal risk control department and a security for operational processes. Each department have strict standards for using data that involves multi – level reviews plus approval and other operations.
    • Micro – withdrawal wallets – these wallets are stored in a private network architecture built in Amazon Web Services Cloud – this allows the wallets to make use of the Cloud’s multilayer firewall and industry – level multilayer encryption.
    • Fast – processing withdrawals – withdrawals at small amounts are processed in seconds while large amounts takes up to 10 minutes only. On the other hand, deposits are processed for just 2 minutes.Core Trading Engine with Million – Level Throughput – the memory – matching technology is accelerated by the hardware. The peak order – making value of this technology is 2 million per second with a peak order – processing value of 1 million per second. This feature results to no delays and lags during the core order process even during the crypto market boom.
    • Commission incentives – most of KuCoin Shares commission is rewarded to active users who invest, exchange, and promote the platform
    • 24/7 customer service support – the customer service support team can be reached via their official website, email:, and even on hotline.
    • Exclusive KuCoin Shares holder rights
    • Numerous KCS trading pairs – the platform uses an fundamental block chain technology that supports numerous crypto trading pairs with various ERC – 20 compliant tokens.

What are KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin Shares (KCS) is the cryptocurrecy token issued by platform. It serves as the native payment system and acts as the internal currency where users also profit from the success of the network.

The platform takes into account the amount of KuCoin Shares users hold during coin distribution; the more KuCoin Shares a user hold, the more dividends a user will receive such as the following:

  • Trading fee discount – get at least 1% (up to 30%) discount on your trading fee of every 1,000 KCS a user holds.
  • Pays dividends to users – 50% of all trading fee transactions paid by KCS users per day is set aside for holders and equally distributed among all KuCoin Shares tokens.

A few tokens may not have much of a difference, but it is believed that users who have more KCS tokens benefit more from the platform.

What is the Potential Price of KuCoin Shares (KCS)?

kucoin shares

KuCoin Shares (KCS) 10% network profit is applied every quarter to the buy-back of the cryptocurrency platform. As a cryptocurrency coin, KCS has dramatically increased in value since its official founding, becoming quite a success with its own rights. For the record, as of January 2018, the KCS tokens cost more than $17 USD which makes it a significant holding

Having said that, we have provided the tables below that indicates the potential price of KuCoin Shares (KCS) (the potential price is updated for not less than five minutes with the latest prices via the smart technical analysis):

KCS Token InformationDetails
Token CodeKCS
Token TypeERC – 20
PlatformEthereum (ETH)
Proof TypeNot Mineable
Token Price$1.98 USD (0.00031009 BTC/ 0.00434610 ETH)
Price in ICO$0.197326 USD


KCS Token Investment InformationDetails
Market Capitalization$179,301,764 USD (28,135 BTC/394,324 ETH)
Market Capitalization Rank#67
Available KCS Supply90,730,600 KCS
Circulating KCS Supply90,730,576 KCS
Total KCS Supply180,730,576 KCS
Trading Volume (24 Hours)$1,108,260 USD (173.90 BTC/2,437 ETH)
Today’s Open$1.99 Million USD
Trading Volume (24 Hours High)$2.06 Million USD
Trading Volume (24 Hours Low)$1.95 Million USD
Trading Volume (24 Hours) Percentage+0.83%
Return of Investment (ROI)+906.68%

List of KuCoin Shares (KCS) Trading Exchange Sites

KuCoin (KCS) is currently rank 29 based on its daily trading volume (KCS daily trading volume is $53,526,736) and more than 12% of it goes to the trading currency pair. As of the moment, you are able to trade for the following legitimate trading exchange sites that honor KuCoin Shares:

Bitcoin.orgKCS/BTC$1.98 USD
Ethereum.comKCS/ETH$1.98 USD
Tether.toKCS/USDT$1.99 USD
Credits.comKCS/CS$2.01 USD
Kucoin.comKCS/GAS$2.21 USD
Bitcoincash.orgKCS/BCH$2.25 USD
Redpulse.comKCS/RPX$2.13 USD
Neo.orgKCS/NEO$30.91 USD
Ocoins.ccKCS/OCN$0.004 USD
Litecoin.orgKCS/LTC$37.00 USD
Dragonchain.comKCS/DRGN$0.16 USD
Ethereumclassic.github.ioKCS/ETC$6.02 USD
Thekey.vipKCS/TKY$0.003 USD
Oysterprotocol.comKCS/PRL$0.07 USD
Dash.orgKCS/DASH$150.50 USD
Getchange.comKCS/CAG$0.07 USD
Modum.ioKCS/MOD$0.84 USD

NOTE: The exact price of KuCoin Shares vary depending on the trading pair. This factor should be taken into account whenever you buy and/or sell KCS tokens.

KuCoin (KCS) ICO Profile Information

The ICO abbreviation stands for “Initial Currency Offering” or “Initial Coin Offering”. Initial Coin Offering refers to an individual who offers potential investors some units of a new cryptocurrency platform or a new crypto – token in exchange of legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

This unregulated way of crowdfunding is used for the development of new cryptocurrency endeavors. An ICO is typically used as a source of capital by company startups to avoid the demanding procedures required by financial institutions such as banks.

KuCoin Shares (KCS) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) transpired in three stages:

  • First stage – ICO accounted for 70 million KCS tokens (35%) issued by the founding people
  • Second stage – ICO accounted for 30 million KCS tokens (15%) issued by the angel investors, consultants, and industry experts.
  • Third stage – ICO accounted for 100 million KCS tokens (50%) issued by the public users

The Team behind KuCoin

kucoin team

KuCoin (KCS) was initially based in China, however, the government banned the country from digital currency and assets exchanges. Now, the cryptocurrency exchange platform is based in Hong Kong.

The core team comprised of block chain and crypto enthusiasts, who already had years of experience in the industry’s giants such as Ant Financial, Jianbang Communications, etc. Without further ado, here are the key people behind KuCoin Shares (KCS):

  • Michael Gan – founder and chief executive officer (CEO). Gan also happened to be a former technical expert of the Ant Financial of Alibaba Group and a senior partner of internet giants like, MikeCRM, etc.
  • Erin Don – works as a chief of operations officer (COO); Don is also a senior internet researcher, systems architect, and an industry expert. He also works as a chief technology officer (CTO) and senior partner of prominent information technology (IT) companies like, reiniot, and kiteme.
  • Top Lan – works as a chief technology officer (CTO), designer, and deployer in KuCoin Share’s financial exchange system; Lan is an open source technical expert. He is also a manager of several mainstream open source projects in Github.
  • John Li – works as a president of KCS business operations group
  • Jack Zhu – works as a marketing director
  • Kent Li – works as an operations director
  • Remy Ran – works as a product designer
  • D.K. – works as an art designer
  • Luffy – works as a principal iOS engineer
  • Will Zhang – works as a principal Android engineer
  • Luka – works as a principal backend engineer
  • Vitace – works as a principal frontend engineer

The KuCoin Road Plan

The KuCoin Shares core team aim to bring a cryptocurrency platform where users will benefit a generous amount of passive income (and many other features and benefits). With that being said, below is a glimpse of KCS road plan to development:


  • The co-founders started researching on block chain technology and improved the technical infrastructure of KuCoin.

August 2017

  • KuCoin has received an angel investment from the consultant team
  • First version of has been officially launched
  • KuCoin mobile application for both Google Android and Apple iOS users has been released
  • Placed top 19 on the trading volume

June 2018

  • KuCoin Shares version 2.0 platform with new trading features has been officially released

The KuCoin Project

The KuCoin Shares (KCS) core team always aims to provide users and holders with highly secured and hassle-free method of converting currencies on an ultramodern platform. While KCS is relatively new, the founding people have been conducting extensive R&D (research and development) to the block chain technology as well as the platform’s technical architecture.

Having said that, here are the highly-anticipated projects of KCS for the years to come:

July 2018

  • To provide KuCoin Share’s block chain information platform
  • To officially start a global community project

August 2018

  • Fiat currency to cryptocurrency (and vice versa) to be made available
  • New special features to be added

September 2018

  • Founders will soon be able to sell and/or assign their KuCoin Shares holdings
  • KuCoin Social feature to be added

October 2018

  • Big data platform for the block chain technology project to be released

January 2019

  • To be one of the top 10 hottest exchange platforms worldwide
  • To target a volume of 50,000 bitcoins (BTC) per day

March 2019

  • To target a volume of 100,000 bitcoins (BTC) per day

September 2019

  • On September 2, 2019, the 2-year lockup period for angel investors and consultants will end

December 2019

  • To target a volume of 300,000 bitcoins (BTC) per day

Q1 2019

  • KuCoin Shares block chain protocol test network to go live

Q2 2019

  • KuCoin Shares to become a decentralized crypto exchange

Given all these pointers, even though KuCoin Shares is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, it has been in a work in progress for years. The founding people having enthusiasm in the block chain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital assets for as early as 2011.

With the competitive trading pairs, withdrawal fees, and lack of fees for deposits, and bountiful of bonuses, KuCoin Shares is ready to be one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges today.

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