Bread (BRD) Getting Listed On KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

With approximately one million customers in over 140 countries, securing billions of dollars of cryptocurrency, Bread is on a mission to become the world’s largest decentralized financial institution. And now they are partnering with the state of the art cryptocurrency exchange market, KuCoin.

Bread (BRD) token is now available for deposit and withdrawal on KuCoin market and has supported trading pairs that include BRD/BTC, BRD/ETH. Trading will start on May 10, 2018, at 22:00 (UTC +8).

Bread (BRD) gets listed on KuCoin!

About Bread

Bread is a new blockchain powered financial services platform that offers a comprehensive wallet platform, but upon closer review, offers many more features. Formerly breadwallet, it was founded in 2015 as the first decentralized bitcoin wallet app of its kind on Apple’s platform and is now available on Android. Bread’s platform includes an easy and safe wallet that is excellent for both beginners in cryptocurrency and experienced users.

The Bread platform is powered by BRD or the Bread Token and enables users to directly deposit funds to one another, accept payments, and pay for a broad range of services and goods including music, food, transport, and bills. Bread also envisions to contribute saving services, international money transfer, peer to peer lending services, crypto escrow, performance tracking solution, and portfolio administration.

The Bread Token

The Bread token, or BRD, is developed on the Ethereum network and is a standard ERC-20 token. The most impressive feature of BRD tokens is the perks they give owners. Bread tokens enable users to access a wide area of discounts, reward tiers, complementary services, premium features, and even complete white glove service for premium holders.

The Bread platform aims to allow users with the facility to collect BRD through a range of various promotions, including surveys, giveaways, and even automated airdrops. Moreover, Bread provides a full white paper illustrating the structure of their platform on the ICO website.

About KuCoin

KuCoin is a fast-growing Blockchain cryptocurrency exchange platform that is comparatively new but has grown swiftly. It was officially released on September 15th and currently records over USD100 million worth of trading over a period of 24 hours.

The development of KuCoin began in early 2011; the technical architecture of the system is sufficiently extendable and extremely reliable. KuCoin’s high-performance engine system was later issued in 2017; it has the potential to achieve over 2 million orders/second without any issue or delay even during market increases.

KuCoin’s unique features have catapulted its exchange platform to competitive levels in the 100 billion dollar cryptocurrency market.


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