CashBet (CBC) is now trading on KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin, one of the most advanced and biggest trading platform proudly announced the listing of Cashbet. Starting today, traders can deposit and trade CBC coin inside KuCoin exchange. CashBet (CBC) is readily accessible on the platform with supported crypto pairs like CBC/BTC and CBC/ETH.

About CashBet

CashBet is the first iGaming platform that is scalable, industry software that can adjust to a business standard. CashBet was founded by an expert team of engineers with a proven track record of contributing world-class software to iGaming operators. With assistance both real-money and social gaming, the CashBet Platform can help users accomplish business targets and amuse players, despite the revenue standard.

Operators without prior knowledge about mobile-first platform have limited capacity to entice and engage quality players. The CashBet Platform has been built with campaign control features particular to the mobile-first world. With consolidated back-office support for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, CashBet Platform connects technology rifts while centralizing authority of each unique player’s journey.

CBC Token Utility

CBC is a cryptocurrency token that is utilized on various operator’s sites. It is not an exclusive for online gambling but also for social gaming and skill-based gaming. CBC-based gaming and token ownership will be uniquely valuable and rewarded. CashBet is circulating CashBet Coin tokens to power both B2C and B2B crypto casino contributions. CashBet will give definite benefits to CashBet Coin players, partners, and owners. In addition to utilizing CBC for deposits and challenges on any crypto casino powered by the CashBet platform, the CBC token will reward loyalty by paying VIP holders a percentage of losses and enabling them to experience real bonuses.

CashBet Team

CashBet was founded in 2012 by Dr. Reaves and Dr. Weinberg. They’ve developed and extended online gaming systems for lotteries, casino operators, and tribal gaming companies throughout Europe and the United States. The CashBet team is iGaming veterans who have successfully developed and sold two prior online gaming networks.

Today CashBet has a solid and distinct team of over 30 employees with facilities in Oakland, California and Sofia, Bulgaria.

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