EdenChain (EDN) Today Get Listed At KuCoin Exchange

EdenChain, the Programmable Economy Platform has listed their transaction currency EDN to KuCoin, a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange market.

Deposits are now available utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS app or to their official website at www.kucoin.com. Supported trading pairs include EDN/BTC and EDN/ETH.

About EdenChain (EDN)

EdenChain is known as Blockchain Platform Technology which intends to achieve what they call a Programmable Economy. With the EdenChain platform, users can capitalize on tangible/ intangible values, and trade them over the blockchain.

The company strives to produce a pervasive blockchain and token platform for applications over the board, such as IoT, Energy, AdTech, P2P finance, Healthcare, etc.

Key Components For A Programmable Economy

At the center of Edenchain is a powerful smart contract play which isn’t based on the Bitcoin or even Ethereum blockchain. They do so to provide specially for security and heightened performance. It comes through in their adoption of the permissioned blockchain method, akin to Hyperledger or Kedana.

Increased Security

EdenChain applies the E-Bridge layer to recover data from various data references when a non-deterministic smart contract interacts with an external system, encrypts the information, and utilizes a median voter theorem (MVT) Securing trust, and protecting against hacker intrusions.

Increased Performance

On the performance aspect, EdenChain consolidates Namespace with Merkle Tree, separates transactions by Namespace, and secures execution and scalability by constructing an Execution System capable of parallel processing by Namespace without processing one transaction at a time.

The Team and Advisors

EdenChain has an equitable core team, with two key leaders competent in business and technology. Founder and CEO James Ahn has over two decades of experience in IT and has spent time as a CTO at CyberRenassance Inc. He worked as a consultant to the NIA Platform, a technical advisor to the National Computing & Information Service, and as an advisor to Cloud for the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards

Co-Founder and CTO Jenny Ryoo have spent over ten years in technology. She has completed customer analytics studies to analyze and predict users’ behavior patterns by analyzing web user logs of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency. She also has researched smart grid technology for Green Office of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning. She studied systems for real-time big data processing for the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

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