GoChain Is Now Officially Listed At KuCoin

There are several Cryptocurrency Exchange Markets worldwide, but only a few have proved a secured and reliable services like KuCoin. Today, KuCoin platform announces that they have listed another potential Token called GoChain.

KuCoin goes online with GoChain (GO)! World premiere!

KuCoin is a digital currency exchange platform. It is recognized as one of the most promising markets of industry alike. Aside from that, they have an excellent customer service support that caters 24/7 operations.

About GoChain

GoChain is a next-generation scalable blockchain and smart contract platform developed upon an advanced Ethereum code base. It aims to determine the Ethereum scaling problem with immediacy by being 10x more decentralized, 100x faster, and 1000x greener. Any present Ethereum users will be capable to “lift and shift” to seamlessly transition to GoChain with no code changes. They are interoperable with Ethereum.

GoChain Token (GOC) Function

The GOC tokens will function in the same way that Ethereum runs on its platform. It will work the exact same utility: gas to run smart contracts. It’s needed as gas/fees to power the computers running smart contracts and dApps.

Proof of Reputation

Originally, companies will implement to run a node. GoChain system may also approach some companies as well. Ideally, they’d like to partner with companies that have a similar mission to make the world more green, decentralized, connected. They don’t expect any problems getting node partners.

Token Information

There are a sum of 1,000,000,000 plus inflation curve GOC tokens being produced, with 400,000,000 available during the Pre-ICO and main ICO.

According to the GoChain website, “approximately 50,000,000 new tokens will be made per year for authorized nodes. This amount will decrease over time.”

Contributors will have their ERC20 tokens disseminated at the start of the main ICO or, afterward, when they contribute. The ERC20 tokens will be transferable to native GOC tokens once the GoChain mainnet is live.

GOC Token Allocation

According to GoChain, approximately 50,000,000 new tokens will be generated per year for authorized nodes in the GoChain network, and this amount will decrease over time.

GoChain Team

GoChain, Smart Contract, Blockchain, GOC

Jason is a consecutive entrepreneur, former hedge fund manager managing more than $250 million, angel investor, board member and advisor with an exit to a public company. He has an extensive C-level background in finance, biotech, tech, and the food & beverage businesses.

Travis has over 20 years of expertise developing high-throughput, high scale applications, and cloud services. He founded successful technology companies and had raised tens of millions in funding from some of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley. Having solved scaling problems and delivering scalable services for his entire career, he is now applying that knowledge and experience to the blockchain. Travis possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Ben Johnson is an open source software developer specializing in writing databases and distributed systems. He designed BoltDB, a popular in-process, transactional, key/value store that is used by many projects including CoreOS’s, etcd. & Hashicorp’s Consul.


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