GOOD NEWS – KuCoin re-opened its referral program!

KuCoin is a kind of exchange platform run by advanced technology. It has listed hundreds of different crypto coins including POLL, Electrify Asia, Odyssey, Havven, Ontology, DADI, Ethereum, Kickcoin, Credits, I- House token, Fortuna, Neblio, Dock, Revain R, Bitcoin, Alphacat, Neo, DENT, Lympo, Nano, Wanchain, Polymath, Debitum Network, EOS, Oyster, Red Pulse, GAS, Hacken, UTRUST, etc. Kucoin only charges 0.1% of the traded assets inside the platform and absolutely zero fee for all deposit transaction.

Referral program re-opened!

Initially, Kucoin has offered referral program which was believed as effective strategy of the system. This is one way for holders to earn more from this investment. However, upon reaching millions of users, Kucoin removed the scheme and focuses more on the platform security. But, Kucoin announces that they reopened the referral program.

Here are the updated terms regarding Referral program:

  • Once the invitee finishes order, inviter will get a bonus coming from the fees of that transaction.
  • The referral is effective from the first day the invitee completes its initial order to one year.
  • The referral bonus will depends on the invitee’s amount of transaction, rate of transaction fee and also on bonus rate that based on invitee’s level.
  • A level of invitee = 20% B level of invitee = 12% C level of invitee = 8% referral bonus rate
  • Every 2 hours, Referral bonus will be issued by Kucoin.
  • Inviter can saved the bonus to coin wallet in just a single click.

Steps on how to refer a friend

Users should log in to their personal accounts to get the link for inviting. Then, share it to anyone for them to know how to start their Kucoin investment. Let the potential invitee to register through the provided referral link and ask them to finished ordering on Kucoin. Inviter will automatically receive all the bonuses every time the invitee completes order. It is better if users can invite more people to register through their link. It will mean more bonuses to enter on coin wallets.


Through restarting this referral program, KuCoin will grow more and many investors will enter the platform. The KCS value will eventually increase its value and the community will go bigger. It will surely benefit all users because they will definitely earn more. The Kucoin team ensures that all its users will receive only the best crypto experience in the whole market. Just recently, the system launched new listings and rankings process to make this happen. As we can see, the platform continues on developing to serve efficiently. It proves that Kucoin is really the best platform for everyone to invest in.

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