How Kucoin Shares Can Make You Wealthy

So you may have heard of Kucoin exchange already. Kucoin exchange is steadily rising in the ranks both in trading volume and popularity. That means that you’ve also heard about Kucoin shares, Kucoin’s native cryptocurrency. You just buy and hold some tokens and then you’re going to receive daily dividends (Kucoin Shares Bonus) from 50 percent of collected trading fees. It sounds so simple, right?

But can Kucoin shares give you more value? The answer is YES. To give you more of an idea of what you gain, here’s KCS value potential:

  1. Potential to grow investment value in just a few months.
  2. Assurance of investment security with Kucoin shares.
  3. Exclusive perks for holding Kucoin shares.

Let’s look closer on how this potential investment growth can happen and how you can maximize this potential.

Multiplying KCS Value

The key to increasing Kucoin shares dividends is to increase the volume of cryptocurrency exchanges. The value of KCS steadily multiplied since its inception but this is bound to increase in the next few months due to Kucoin’s increasing popularity. Kucoin went up from ranking below 100 to ranking number 25 in just a month.  Also, a lot of cryptocurrencies that Kucoin support is rapidly growing.

But how can your KCS token investment triple? There are two ways: through daily dividends and invitation bonus. You know that already, right? There’s more to it, though.

Kucoin’s trading fee is 0.1 percent for both buying and selling. The current daily overall trading volume is approximately US$200 million. This means that about US$200,000 worth of Kucoin shares tokens are distributed to KCS holders every day. Each Kucoin bonus is directly loaded to wallets in the corresponding exchange currency. Here is the example is given by Kucoin:

“For instance, If ETH-BTC cryptocurrency pair rate is 0.063 on the platform and the daily exchange volume is 30,000 BTC; based on the 0.1% rate from each side, the platform shall charge 30 BTC and 476 ETH as trading fees. The Kucoin bonus for every 10,000 holdings would be 10,000 by 100,000,000 (0.01%). So that the daily Kucoin bonus from this cryptocurrency pair is 0.003 BTC and 0.0476 ETH (1 BTC and 17 ETH annually).”

The process is the same with other cryptocurrency pairs.  Because of this system, the number of users directly or indirectly affect the price of KCS tokens. The price increased from 70 cents to US$20 as Kucoin’s users increased to 500,000.

You can make owning KCS tokens more profitable by taking advantage of the endless potential of the registration invite links. You can actually receive direct and indirect promotion bonus in a pyramiding style setup. First, you send registration invite links and QR code to your friend or family. You will receive a direct bonus for every friend or family that registered using your link. That doesn’t end there, though. You also receive an indirect bonus for any person that your friends and family successfully invite to Kucoin and so on. The key is to invite as many people as you can and encourage them to also invite others to join. In the end, you all benefit with percentages of your invitees’ trading fees.

KCS Security Assurances

The increase in dividend yield would attract more people to register, increasing KCS price. KCS holder receives a higher percentage of dividends from newly listed coins compared to established and high-volume coins. As Kucoin exchange grows, the value of the dividend grows.

But what about the planned reduction of dividend percentage? There’s indeed a planned reduction of trading fees that are redistributed through KCS bonuses. About 50 percent of trading fees are currently redistributed but as Kucoin exchange’s growth continues as it is now, the percentage would slowly be reduced until only 15 percent of trading fees are redistributed. So would Kucoin shares still be profitable?

The answer is yes. The reduction won’t be for a few months and even then, Kucoin exchange’s overall trade volume would be so high that it would negate the reduction altogether.

Additionally, Kucoin exchange places safety measures that ensure that KCS won’t implode. This include:

  1. Kucoin exchange founders don’t receive dividends from the Kucoin shares they hold.
  2. The founders issued 35 percent for the first phase of the KCS ICO. This is worth 70 million. There is a four-year lock-up period for this amount. They can sell their KCS in September 2018 but there are limitations to the amount they can sell. They can’t sell “25% of their largest historical exchange volume in 365 natural days” until the year 2021.
  3. There is also a two-year lock-up period for the second phase issuance of 15 percent by angel investors. The investors can only sell 50 percent of their 30 million holdings in September 2018 and the rest at the end of the lock-up period in 2019.
  4. Each quarter, about 10 percent of Kucoin exchange’s net profit is set aside for buying-back KCS tokens (this is until about 100 million KCS are destroyed). These tokens will be immediately destroyed. This ensures that KCS won’t devaluate due to oversupply.

Perks of Holding KCS

Users that hold a large amount (or just reach a certain level) of Kucoin shares can enjoy exclusive perks that may include:

  1. One-on-one investment consultation
  2. Customer service Fast-Pass
  3. Lower trading fees. You can avail of a 1 percent trading fee discount for every 1,000 KCS tokens you hold.

Holding Kucoin shares can also increase the value and diversification of your cryptocurrency portfolio. There are more perks and benefits that will be announced once holders reach the necessary level.

The bottom-line line is that Kucoin Shares (KCS) can make you wealthy – if you invest now and if you become a KCS hodler XL.


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