Is it Possible for KuCoin And to Disrupt the Crypto Exchange World?

There may be a lot of competition happening right now in the crypto exchange space. There may be new and unknown players that are showing up every day. They are going to great lengths so they can win over customers from the more prominent exchanges, attract new customers and penetrate the market. Last year we saw new contenders in CEX.IO and KuCoin that entered this highly competitive and highly lucrative cryptocurrency exchange economy in a significant way that they attracted a considerable number of new users and a lot of media attention. Both of the exchanges offer substantial incentives for customers to buy, sell and trade on their platforms. However, could these new platforms provide the likes of Coinbase and Binance a run for their cryptos?

The exchange founded in 2017 by a brilliant group of finance and tech experts is KuCoin. Even if KuCoin entered late into the market, they developed this platform for years before establishing it. The leads behind the scene allowed it to move quickly and bring the system online while winning new customers and investors along the way. KuCoin has a lot of exciting things up their sleeve which was why they stayed competitive. They are boasting the superior stability and security of their product across the board that can even exceed the standards of a lot of banks as well as traditional financial institutions. Aside from that, they have a lot to brag because of their near-zero lag time and low trading fees for the processing and order placements. They also have the API as their referral program, 24/7 customer service, ease of entry for ICOs that they will on their platform and an infinite number of crypto trading pairs. Whenever you have friends that sign up with KuCoin with your referral link, you will also get a commission from their purchase as well as a compounding commission from the acquisitions of their referrals. It will lead to the potential to get a few free coins whenever you refer your friends, and your friends refer theirs.

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The CEX.IO may not necessarily be the new name when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. They have existed since 2013, and it is the first cloud-mining provider. Since then, it grew into an exchange space in late 2016. CEX.IO provides their customers cross-platform trading using their mobile app, website, WebSocket and the REST API that allows people to access the high liquidity order book for the top currency pairs on the market. Another great feature of CEX.IO is that they have instant Bitcoin selling and buying that is available from an interface that you can efficiently use. It is also appealing to some new people who are entering the market. The exchange also created a layered account system that has a personalized approach to their customers that may range from institutional pros to crypto newcomers. CEX.IO is also advantageous because they have a global reach, low fees, 24/7 customer service, platform stability and security, a lot of different ways to pay out and they also make sure that the data and assets are safe. Aside from that, they also have a pretty attractive referral program that offers people 30% of trade fees whenever you refer other people.

Since CEX.IO and KuCoin entered the turbulent world of cryptocurrency exchanges, it is now clear that the big players now dominate this terrain. Coinbase and Binance are now starting to create foundations that these new and aggressive entities laid down. They are seeking to disrupt the established crypto exchange market. These new exchanges are boasting more integration, lower fees, customer service and superior security as well as other whistles and bells. The pitch from these exchanges may get the attention of people who are not satisfied with the existing trade and newcomers who are looking for a welcoming place so they can begin their crypto experience. The fresh new crypto world may change every day, and we will see which contenders can speak most to the wallets of the customers, stand the test of time and crumble into obscurity.

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