One thought on “KuCoin Exchange- The Most Advanced Trading Platform in Crypto Market

  • May 30, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    I first decided to try Kucoin a month ago. I thought it would be fun to collect the dust/fees from holding KCS and I liked the idea of profiting off of volatility. It took five or six days before I received my first distribution, but since then it usually doesn’t get more than a day late in paying out dust. There are calculators out there that will show you what kind of payouts you can expect given number of KCS shares you own and the volume of the exchange, but its roughly 4-5% annually assuming no change in value of coins and no change in volume at the exchange. Its fun to collect the dust, but you need to have a significant number of KCS to make it worthwhile. You will end up lots of tiny amounts of coins that are probably worthless. Kucoin also automatically distributes GAS to anyone who holds NEO which, from my understanding, not many exchanges do.

    I have read that the customer service is not great and there is a bit of a language barrier, but they seem to try to address peoples issues.


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