Kucoin is Listing More Neo Tokens – Find out the Reason Why

The NEO token and blockchain platform was originally designed to improve upon the shortcomings and vulnerabilities in Ethereum’s protocol. Dubbed as the “Chinese Ethereum” or the “Ethereum Killer,” NEO was China’s first ever decentralized and open-source blockchain platform. NEO was first launched as Antshares but was rebranded as NEO in June 2017. The rebranding was announced in front of an audience of 200 in Microsoft’s Beijing headquarters.

The decision for rebranding stems from the company’s desire to renew and bolster their professional image. NEO is derived from the Greek word “neos” that means “new, fresh, and young” – adjectives that the company wants to be associated with.

Even with the comparatively low adoption rate, NEO aims to compete against Ethereum. NEO mainly converts conventional trading assets into digital assets using smart contracts. Aside from smart contract use case, NEO also has a crypto token, GAS that it uses to generate dividends. Holding NEO cryptocurrency in Kucoin and private wallets automatically generate GAS. It is especially advantageous to hold NEO cryptocurrency in Kucoin since it can earn GAS dividends daily.

NEO cryptocurrency’s value is steadily rising, not only in terms of price but also in reputation. Just this January, Kucoin encouraged its users to switch to using NEO cryptocurrency for transfers and withdrawals. Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies have ongoing issues with network congestion. Kucoin especially called for understanding, stating that the “global Ethereum network is in a jam now.” ERC20 tokens, in general, are affected by this issue so it is wise to actually look for other transfer options.

NEO has had numerous ICO issuances with about 20 ICOs slated this year. Its approach with ICOs is different. To compare it with Ethereum, NEO’s ICO has an entrance fee while Ethereum is a free-for-all. There is an initial requirement of 500 GAS before one can launch an NEO smart contract. This is implemented by the NEO Council to prevent the entry low-quality ICOs and oversaturation of the blockchain.

There’s a strong case for NEO’s network stability and efficiency. That’s why it’s no wonder that Kucoin includes more and more NEO tokens in its cryptocurrency list. Each token in the NEP-5 token standard is unique with unique value propositions. Earlier this year, NEP-5 tokens gained a lot of support from cryptocurrency exchanges.  But long before that, Kucoin had been supporting NEP-5 tokens even at the early stages of their release. Until recently, only Kucoin listed NEP-5 tokens, solidifying the cryptocurrency exchanges’ reputation of supporting coins before any other cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The following NEP-5 tokens are included in Kucoin’s cryptocurrency listing.:

  • DeepBrainChain (DBC) – Listed December 25, 2017

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

  • Qlink (QLC) – Listed December 29, 2017

Decentralized telecommunications

  • THEKEY (TKY) – Listed February 6, 2018

Decentralized Record Keeping

  • Red Pulse (RPX) – Listed October 28, 2017

Decentralized Data/Research

  • Trinity Network (TNC) – Listed January 22, 2018

State Channel Technology

  • Zeepin (ZPT) – Listed January 30, 2018

Decentralized Multimedia Platform

  • Alphacat (ACAT) – Listed February 9, 2018

Decentralized Investing/Hedge Fund

Tokens that are yet to be listed in Kucoin:

  • APEX (CPX)

Decentralized Data/Research

  • Neon Exchange (NEX) –

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Aphelion (APH) –

Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange

  • Concierge (CGE)

Decentralized Travel Booking

  • Universal Health Coin (UHC)

Decentralized Healthcare

  • PikcioChain (PKC) – Migrated from ERC-20 to NEP-5 token standard

Decentralized Data/Research

Note that this is not an exhaustive cryptocurrency list and some ICOs and tokens may not be included in the list as ICOs are continually issued in the NEO ecosystem. But there are several lessons why listing these NEO tokens can be beneficial for Kucoin. A handful of tokens under the ERC-20 standard had already jumped ship to NEP-5. Aside from network congestion, NEO addresses the most pressing issues that Ethereum is yet to solve in their platform. NEO is secure, convenient, and on the rise.

What do you think of this cryptocurrency list? Should Kucoin list more NEO tokens? Tell us in the comments.

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