KuCoin now Available in Tiếng Việt and Türkçe Languages!

KuCoin pleasantly announced that they just added two more languages in the platform. These are Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) and Türkçe (Turkish) making a total of 13 available languages. Language settings are located in the upper right corner of the website.

Everyone is welcome to participate and join KuCoin official Telegram in Türkçe, feel free to use this link for reference https://t.me/kucointurkiye. KuCoin Tiếng Việt Telegram will be announced soon.

KuCoin: Background History and General Information

KuCoin has offices basely most in Hongkong. It was introduced on the 15th of September last year. It runs only in a crypto-to-crypto format. You can never trade fiat currencies inside KuCoin. Users usually go to other platforms that accept fiat, exchange it for BTC or ETH then enter KuCoin.

The team is committed to R&D technologies and has planned on releasing more features soon. KuCoin provides special privileges like Fast-Pass consumer support and consultation exclusively for KCS holders who reached certain levels.

Some of the cryptocurrencies that are already listed are Bitcoin, LALA World, Credits, I-House Token, TomoChain, Sirin Labs Token, BABB, Oyster Shell, CoinPoker, KickCoin, Aphelion, NEO, Ethereum, Dock, Mobius, Wanchain, DENT, SingularityNET, Revain, IoTeX, OPEN Platform, MATRIX AI Network and lots more.

The KCS Tokens

KuCoin supplied KCS which stand for KuCoin Shares. It is designed on Ethereum basis and was created to support Ethereum wallet.

KuCoin conducts counting at 0:00 (UTC+8) daily. A bonus will be automatically placed on KuCoin user accounts. Trading fees can be lowered through holding a KCS too! This strategy will boost user’s engagement and participation in the platform.

KCS can be traded on KuCoin with trading pairs like NEO/KCS, LTC/KCS, PRL/KCS, TKY/KCS, CS/KCS, DRGN/KCS, OCN/KCS, RPX/KCS, BCH/KCS, ETC/KCS and GAS/KCS.

Advantages Brought by KuCoin Platform

The trading system implemented efficient and hardware accelerated memory matching technology which has two million+/second order-making peak values and one million+/second order-processing value. The speed is thousands of times the average market standard guaranteeing fast and no lag processes even the market expands.

KuCoin exchange has advanced multiple layers and cluster architectures. KuCoin has applied a bank level disaster-proof system which has three centers and 2 locations that can simultaneously manage many tasks in different places. It will protect the system and help remain stable in times of natural disaster and hardware failure.

KuCoin system levels are all built with standard financing levels. Transactions are provided with maximum protection as well. KuCoin wallets have multi-level of storage securities, and all operations need strict approvals by internal regulatory procedures.

KuCoin is a multi-lingual platform; therefore, it can reach millions of traders from different cultures and dialects. The added languages today can extend the quantity of loyal KuCoin users.


In just a short span since KuCoin was established, I, have witnessed how KuCoin bloomed from a small platform into a significant trading exchange now. The system managed to be noticed despite many competitors in the market. I will not be surprised if one day, KuCoin became the number one trading site in the world.

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