KuCoin releases update on security, Lets go of CTR

Kucoins has just announced to its investors that Centra (CTR) Project will be delisted as they didn’t see the expected positive impact of it to the business. They also informed investors that all CTR pending orders will be shut off.

Kucoin is a beginner in exchange industry. It was launched in August last year. Since then, it became one of the emerging and improving investments so far.

One of the things to consider in investing is the security that the investment will be a successful one. This is what KuCoin (KCS) gives to its account holders. The system level standards were created with a financing level standard. It secures all the sensitive and personal data of the user and stores them by a bank level data entry method. This two factor authentication gives more safety and security to validate any withdrawals or transactions.

The operation process department and internal risk control created the operational level standards. This team made a production data operations and usage standards that strictly required the multi-level approval of reviews. All this processes help ensure the security and protection of online and core data of an account.

Kucoin and its friendly-users features

KuCoin has professional members who work as a precise team. Just recently, KuCoin has supported a total of eleven languages inside their platform. It makes this kind of cryptocurrency accessible to more countries and areas around the world.

Through the highly technological process of KuCoin, every account users can experience smooth and fast transaction even during peak periods.

KuCoin has effective API interface which swiftly acquire data from other program. It gathers updated product pricing and access market places.

Updates on Kucoin investments

At the present time, KuCoin has more than one hundred blockchain coins and assets. It includes KCS, ETH, USDT and a lot more. Up to now, more new coins are being added to the system. KuCoin has an effective marketing strategy which is primarily the main reason why many are getting engaged to be part of the platform.

The amazing part about Kucoin is the multiple levels of protection it provides. In keeps all accounts on their safest.

One of the best features that KuCoin proudly has is the good customer service. Anyone can have a 24/7 access to the platform through email or web sites. It shows that they are really passionate and dedicated in solving and providing the needs of their KCS holders.

Trading fee discounts

Kucoin also gives trading fee discounts. The user only needs to store coins inside their account. There is a one percent discount in every 1,000 KCS and it will certainly increase depending on the quantity of KCS. The maximum discount is thirty percent. Therefore, any amounts more than 30,000 KCS will still receive 30%.

Kucoin shares (KCS)

KCS IS the token of Kucoin trade. It makes transactions simpler for every crypto user. Kucoin KCS are used as payment for trading fees at the exact time period. It gives incentives, bonus and discounts. KCS may be purchased on Kucoin trade and may be securely stored in wallets which will support Ethereum blockchains.

In a very short span of time, Kucoin has proved everyone that it can compete with the other crypto coins and showed a huge improvement up to date.

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