KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Listed Docademic (MTC) Today

KuCoin blockchain asset exchange is proudly announcing the listing of MTC, the native and transaction currency of Docademic, a decentralized platform for healthcare services.

Deposits are now available with supported trading pairs such as MTC/BTC and MTC/ETH. Buying, selling and other trading transactions are done utilizing KuCoin mobile app or direct to their website, www.kucoin.com.

Docademic (MTC) Gets Listed on KuCoin

What is Docademic MTC?

Docademic is a single globally-sourced healthcare service platform for the public that begins with free Human Doctor-AI assisted Video Telemedicine service already utilize in 20 countries by thousands of users and an associated set of AI-assisted tools and social network for the medical society. Merged, these provide the highest level of free basic quality healthcare permitting any individual to access the advantages and knowledge of healthcare that technology now allows.

Docademic App

The Docademic app is developed on top of its existing blockchain equipped, patient data routing and AI-assisted technologies. With its easy features, it becomes the ultimate means for anyone who requires orientation in a health-related issue—a one-touch system that attaches any patient with a Doctor by Video Telemedicine for free, from any country a user is located. All patients data will be secured on a blockchain and exemplifies a perfect On-Ramp to healthcare services on a blockchain. In contrast with other healthcare related blockchain projects don’t have an effective On-Ramp to healthcare services. With their free Telemedicine service, the masses are now able to benefit from blockchain technology in Healthcare.

The MTC Token

The Medical Token Currency or MTC is the fuel that power all services DOCADEMIC renders. They are already in discussions with Health institutions, Governments and partners to secure MTC the selected Token for their own upcoming and existing medical services as they transfer to decentralized platforms. MTC will be utilized in the larger Healthcare industry and any other trades for several purposes including payment and remittance.

Docademic is creating a reliable, global Healthcare utility, an advanced platform that the entire patient population and medical community will employ to greater advantage; where anyone can engage as users and Token holders.

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