Michael Gan Envisioning KuCoin’s Future Endeavors

The increasing number of emerging cryptocurrency exchange markets in the modern society is an explicit evidence that the blockchain is becoming part of human’s evolution regarding technology. Soon enough, this type of system will be the standard in every industry that everybody should embrace and set into full consideration.

After the phenomenal success of bitcoin, a group of young, ambitious and skilled individuals has composed together to conduct in-depth research and analysis pointing to the blockchain technology in 2011. Michael Gan, a former technical expert of Alibaba Group’s Ant Financial and also an acclaimed veteran of financial solutions with established partnership history with MikeCRM and KF5.COM, has directed the team into a journey that had led to the creation of KuCoin in 2013 and had introduced a fully developed blockchain asset exchange in 2017. The company aimed to help the industry and users with exceptional services and flexible operation strategies.

The Recent Update Of Michael Gan

Michael Glan Kucoin CEOAs the Chief Executive Officer of KuCoin, Michael Gan ensures that they have continuous development in all aspects of their platform to guarantee their customers’ satisfaction as part of their goals which is to provide a transparent relationship amongst users and project partners.

Gan’s extensive understanding of the blockchain urges him to spread the advantages that each can acquire from this modern innovation. He wants everyone to realize that the blockchain is not just a bypassing trend, but will become the future protocol of the world where each can implement their rights to full proprietorship on their data, finances, and identity.

The extended sovereignty of a centralized system that controlled the society is now over. KuCoin according to Gan, will guide participants in growing their future, drawing about the eradication of a trust-reliant system, and distrust will become essentially nonexistent. The democratization of the system embraces a transformed distribution of wealth that is accessible to everyone and not just an exclusive privilege to the rich and powerful. It also omits the part of politics being an involved sector as blockchain ensures no bias distributing an economy of value and that every service, goods or property will be fairly and equitably dealt its suitable worth.

KuCoin’s Concept Explained

Together with Gan’s most trusted partners and his technical background, they have envisioned an idea about a cryptocurrency platform that can be utilized by individuals regardless of its social status.

According to him, the central concept of blockchain technology is pointing substantially to power, which people can individually obtain without intermediaries. He wants to assert that people should believe and trust in the technology to achieved mass adoption that once reached, KuCoin would be there – available and secure.

KuCoin Banner

Gan elaborated that KuCoin intends to support mass adoption of blockchain technology.

– Being an exchange and trading platform that generates the  top projects in the industry a click away from people.

– Bringing blockchain to the ordinary people, which is why they  have designed an accessible, user-friendly interface that anyone in the world can utilize.

– KuCoin also yearns to bring the recognition on exemplary projects that are committed in their tech, continually developing their product and establishing real-world partnerships with key players in the industry they are attending to disrupt.

– KuCoin endeavors to regularly manage an exchange ecosystem where all users benefit immediate access to the best projects in the industry, the best developments and trading incentives in the sphere, and a long-term business partnership with all the top crypto projects.

– Education is key to long-term progress, which is why KuCoin is spending heavily on education.

Users As The Valued Inspiration

KuCoin as what Gan has finally stated, wants their platform to be remembered in their users’ mind as the People’s Exchange; the network that all users can advance and let their opinions be understood and make a distinction.

They aim to sustain decentralization and transparency to its absolute. In the coming weeks, they’ll be revealing their latest plan and advancement with regards to KuCoin’s most recent development, roadmap, and their visions for future endeavors.

KuCoin envisions a blockchain powered society where everyone can enjoy and participate in the modern technology with no culture barrier, hierarchy status, or special privileges. They are the People’s Exchange, for and by the people. Ready to serve and listen better.


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