Open Platform (OPEN) Is Now Available On KuCoin Exchange Market

One of the most promising Cryptocurrency Exchange Markets, KuCoin, is proud to announce that today they have listed the Open Platform (OPEN). It is now available for deposit, and the supported trading pairs including OPEN/BTC, OPEN/ETH.

OPEN Platform (OPEN) Gets Listed On KuCoin! World premiere!

The schedule are as follow:

OPEN Buying order: 21:30 May 22, 2018 (UTC+8)

OPEN Selling order: 22:00 May 22, 2018 (UTC+8)

OPEN Withdrawal: 22:00 May 24, 2018 (UTC+8)

Open Platform (OPEN) Introduction:

The Open Platform is a blockchain powered application infrastructure that focused on producing payment platform for mainstream application developers to adopt decentralized technologies. Open platform aspires for application developers to integrate cryptocurrency transactions easily into their applications and support them generate cryptocurrency payments infrastructure with mechanisms precisely like a regular fiat-based payment system would have.

By extending this service, the Open platform enables a higher acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment, targeting both dApp and average app developers. Similar to Stripe API has made it especially easy for developers to directly ‘plug and play’ and process payments inside their technology stack, the OPEN API permits developers to likewise accept and process payments on blockchains in a process in which an application would entail.

OPEN Token

The OPEN token is used in several ways. The codes will be secured when the scaffold is operated to avoid irregular transactions. The purchase cost will be paid on the network, and the group of developers will enhance community participation. The token price should be valued if enough developers and companies are viewing this platform that adds value to their infrastructure. Depending on the needed number of assigned project codes, if adequate payments are done commensurate with the number of types of payment people hope to accomplish, the demand will be regulated proportionately.

Team & Advisors

The Open Platform (OPEN) is comprised of silicon valley based and relatively large team, having expertise from many prominent corporations such as Samsung, Facebook, Yahoo, Grindr, and Enigma.

Ken Sangha, CEO
Ken has nine years’ background in leadership positions in business with the most current being as founder and CEO of DoublePlay Entertainment Inc.

Andrew Leung, CTO
Andrew with ten years’ experience as a software engineer, and the most recent being with TribalScale as the Director of Engineering.

Abhishek Punia, Blockchain Lead Developer
Abishek as a finance expert for four years and a year in programming and blockchain development.

Chase Smith, Lead Architect
Chase has hastened his research and development skills for more than three years experience with the most recent as the Technical Due Diligence Officer at Veritas Due Diligence.

Dustin Sinkey, Lead Smart Contract Engineer
Over six years’ background in finance and full-stack software development, Dustin is the most effective Smart Contract Engineer.

The team also has four central advisors that include Will Bunker, former president of, Lorne Lantz, a Paypal Partner, John Gardiner, a contributor to Facebook messenger games and apps, and Chandler Guo, an enthusiastic investor.


Open Platform has an MVP on their testnet and two companies, Zensoft and Crypto Racing League, have now integrated OPEN platforms infrastructure into their applications. They will open-source the tools of their platform and distribute the utility token after ICO ends. OPEN SDK is assumed on 06/2018, and their platform will do live 07/2018.



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