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Our goal now is to look for an altcoin that can indeed “moon.” It may be great to have returns at around two to three hundred percent but how about getting ten times your money in just six months? These coins may exist in the cryptocurrency marketplace, and all they need is to get found. Our Moonshot for this week is the KuCoin shares of KCS.

The Current Crypto Market

At the end of 2017, the masses tried to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. A lot of people became said when they felt their first real correction. The cryptocurrency market may be the best atmosphere to have the possibility of getting returns more than a hundred percent. A lot of those who were in the space had profits of more than 1 thousand percent in the past year. All of the significant coins like ETH, LTC, and BTC had returns of more than a thousand percent from the start of the year 2017. As the market cap of the coin increases, it may be less likely to sustain that growth. The cap coins with the smaller market cap or the ones that are suffering negative reviews may have the highest likelihood to provide the “mooning” that every investor would want to have.

From the end of January to the start of February, BTC suffered one of their highest corrections in history as they fell more than 70% since it topped to almost $20,000. Since it’s low was just under $ 6,000, BTC was able to rebound nicely. The initial rebound precedes a bull run in the whole crypto market. For you to take advantage of the bull run, it is essential to make sure that you are holding the past moonshots which are PRL, KCS, DRGN, TNC, and DBC.

What is a Moonshot?

The moonshot is a coin that you believe is significantly undervalued with a high likelihood of getting returns that are far higher than the market alternatives. It includes previous moonshots like the TNC, DBC, and DRGN. The DBC coin has a basis on the NEO blockchain that specializes in lowering the cost of artificial intelligence computation. The TNC may be a scaling solution for NEO that is the same as the Raiden Network for Ethereum. The brainchild of Disney is the DRGN that specializes in helping the existing companies implement the blockchain through the internal platform or ICO.

The newest addition in the past week is the PRL that allows the internet website hosts to remove the ads but still get revenue from the individuals that would enable a minute amount of the processing power of their computer to contribute to the PRL network while the visitor is on the site. The PRL may also have an airdrop this month so it should at least get held until that happens. The newest coin on our list is KCS, and it is the KuCoin platform’s cryptocurrency.

An essential part of the crypto space is the understanding of your risk tolerance. The Moonshots and ICOs have the highest risk. The ones with the most top reward investments are already in the more upper-risk space. Make sure that you maintain a diversified portfolio even if you hold a lot of moonshots. The key to minimizing risk is diversification, but it can also allow you to capture gains in a lot of different cryptocurrencies.

The key here is diversification, but it is also essential to understand one’s risk tolerance. In case your risk tolerance allows moonshots to produce exponential returns, you may achieve your roadmap goals. The moonshot this year may be unique in comparison to the others.

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

The KCS or KuCoin Shares may have a more significant market cap compared to all of the past moonshots. KCS may also have various reasons for being on the list compared to the other four moonshots. The chosen moonshots have forward-thinking projects and depressed market caps that can revolutionize the space where they operate. KCS is different because it does not transform anything, but it provides an attractive dividend. It may only happen if the profit is working. In the past few months, things may have been spotty since the KCS holders receive the bonuses, but it may not happen sometimes. It resulted in significant adverse sentiment and unsatisfied coin holders.

Buy low and sell high. These are the words that traders and investors live on this. Now, KCS is considered “low.” The individual coin value was above $20 more than a couple of times in January. KCS was not able to resolve the issues that came from the massive influx of traders that left a lot of KCS holders disappointed. The value of KCS has a basis on the dividend that gets paid every day. Whenever there is no dividend, what could be the value of the KCS? There may be an occasional dividend and promises from the Kucoin that can back the profits and pay the individual shortly. As of the moment, the price of cryptocurrency is approximately $4.46, and it has the market cap of $406 million.

A lot of cryptocurrencies have great recoveries since the start of February. However,  KCS continued to slide from the high of more than $20 to under $4.50 where it is now. The public became livid with the lack of ability of KuCoin to solve the problem quickly while adding new coins to their platform every day. It is apparent that they are adding new currencies every day. Some new traders flock to the site that benefits the volume over both the long and short-term. The negative sentiment may be at its highest, and KuCoins public comments are promising to fix the issue soon after the Chinese New Year. It seemed that KCS now poises for a rebound. The rebound may be in the form of a 300-400% short-term gain as the dividends of KCS owed from the previous weeks while they solve issues with their referral bonus.

The KuCoin exchange may not have paid out their volume trading and Twitter competitions in the months from January to February. They were only able to pay the daily dividend of some KCS holders, but others have not received anything yet. There may be people who have significant referral counts which were not able to “extract” their referral bonus in the past weeks. Even if the amounts are just in a few cryptos, they are still accumulating. These are just some of the significant issues that are plaguing the KuCoin exchange as of the moment which is why it now has some negative sentiment.

Despite this, no one has checked KuCoin yet, but they have a great team behind them that celebrated one of the biggest holidays in China. If anyone can follow the buy low and sell high rule and fade the sentiment of the public, now will be a great time to buy it. KuCoin recently stated on Twitter that they would resolve everything immediately. If that is true, KCS will moon. Failure to do this may lead to a significant crash in their value.

What is the KCS Cryptocurrency?

The token of the KuCoin exchange is the KCS crypto. That is a token that has a basis on the ERC-20, and there are a hundred million of them distributed during their ICO. They derived the value from the breakdown of the trading service fee of KuCoin. Its trading service fee is at 0.1% lower than both Binance and Bittrex. The price collected for every trade is 10% to KuCoin, 50% to the KCS holders and 40% to the person who referred the trader. If no one mentions the trader, the amount paid to the KuCoin exchange and the KCS holders may dramatically increase. Since the KCS’s value has a high dividend, it mainly comes from the daily dividend paid to it. When this dividend ceases, the utility and value of the KCS token may almost become nothing.

The BNB or Binance token provides utility for trading and holding it. The KuCoin does not do this for their trading fees are already lower than what Binance delivers on their exchange and owning of the BNB. BNB cuts the costs of Binance by 50%, but Binance may be more than a hundred percent more expensive than the KuCoin to trade on in the first place. There is one real utility in KCS, and that is its ability to provide dividend every day at a high percentage of the total transacted volume. When KCS cannot do this, their value may diminish quickly like what people recently witnessed. KCS would have to fix the problems that are currently plaguing it. Once it does that, there may be nowhere to go but up.

KCS Mooning in the Short Term

The public became outraged because KCS cannot fix their dividend program even if they are always adding cryptos to their exchange. They are also mad since KCS removed their referral system, so there are no more incentives and new referral bonuses if you recommend this to your friends. Prior referred traders would also have to stay to accrue the referrer bonus. However, this system also got stalled.

The volume-based promotions of KuCoin may promise prizes like real Lambos. But, they were not able to pay their investors since the start of January. Despite that, KuCoin’s Twitter is still optimistic, and they are promising to resolve all of the issues in the upcoming weeks. Negative sentiment may not get any higher, and the public is annoyed. KuCoin will have to fix these problems immediately.

However, once they fix all of these problems, there will be an upward trend. A lot of cryptos were able to enjoy the February rebound but not the KCS. They continued to slide as they have not paid their promotions, dividends and referral bonuses ina regular manner. KCS had an excellent trading platform, and it had a great dividend system. That can add a substantial number of coins that can boost the volume every day.

Expect the KCS to go high when the KuCoin fixes their referral program, dividend system and pay out their promotions after a month. If you think KuCoin is still a great exchange, now is the best time you can buy it low. After KuCoin resolves their promotion, referral, and dividend problems, they will surely sell at a high.

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