Ulord Is Now Part Of KuCoin’s Growing Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today announces the listing of a P2P value transfer public blockchain project called Ulord.

UlordToken UT as the native platform currency is now available for deposit with trading pairs UT/BTC and UT/ETH. Buying will commence at 16:00 UTC+8 while Selling and Withdrawal will start at 19:00 UTC+8.

About Ulord

Ulord project focuses mainly on machine learning algorithm, artificial intelligence, master node system, smart contract, voting mechanism, sidechain technology, consensus mechanism, InterPlanetary Domain Name System and other vital technologies of the blockchain. It aims at developing a public blockchain that can be used in different applications. A full set of agreements are established and can give all types of open API to let third-party developers develop their applications. Ulord has UlorToken(UT) for the platform.

Ulord A Value Transfer Network Based On Blockchain Technology

It can be broadly used for delivering information, sharing codes and many more. It can redesign the existing condition of the industry in those fields.  The centralized platform for data consumers and publishers will not lead the source and value communications. Ulord has four key roles inside the platform- copyright author, account recorder, consumer and the spreader.

Project Promotion Plan

Q4 2016 Start the journey of Ulord ecological construction

Q2 2017 Achieve the key technology research for public blockchain

Q3 2017 Complete the basic work of public blockchain and set up the framework of information resource distribution platform

Q4 2017 Public blockchain large-scale node test

Q1 2018 Release Ulord Technical White Paper, Ulord testnet is online

Q2 2018 Ulord main chain is online, release Ulord platform V1.0, provide application model and business service

Q3 2018 Launch Ulord master nodes, construct over ten applications based on Ulord public blockchain

Q4 2018 Release Ulord platform V2.0, dock more applications and build Ulord ecosystem

Core Technology Team

Ulord team brings together a considerable number of high-level R & D personnel managed by more than 10 PhDs, with comprehensive blockchain technology application development skills. More than 50 excellent programmers and algorithm engineers in the technology development team have backgrounds in areas such as blockchain, cryptography, Internet information security, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, finance, and management. There are senior scientists in cryptography and blockchain and specialized blockchain project investors. Also, Ulord team also maintains close cooperation with research institutes such as Windsor University in Canada, Manchester University in the UK, Wuhan University, Beihang University and Chinese Academy of Sciences to collectively develop key technologies in Ulord platform.


After in-depth industry research and technology exploration, they strongly believe that the blockchain technology will open a new window for content distribution industry, and overturn the traditional method with decentralized, reliable technology and mode to realize the valuable and efficient transmission. Ulord platform integrates the bottom blockchain service and P2P distributed service, providing the overall solution of Internet content distribution based on blockchain for the majority of users. They have the confidence to promote technological innovation and create a perfect ecology based on content distribution application relying on our rich experience in blockchain and P2P technology.

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