TabTrader Added KuCoin As One Of Their Supported Exchanges

In the mobile application for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, TabTrader included support for the Hong Kong stock exchange KuCoin, which is included in the leading 30 largest trading platforms, by CoinMarketCap. KuCoin gained its popularity late last year that has made the crypto world challenged as it soars rapidly and become one of the most in-demand platforms though it is just a new company.

It appears that most of the largest exchanges such as KuCoin are now included on TabTrader’s list which allows users to find the sites they are looking for. Fortunately, this list and the platform’s capabilities are continuing to grow and successful.

Because of TabTrader, exchanges are now allowed transacting using smartphones:

In March 2018, TabTrader already has more than 400,000 active users. Through the terminal, they get access to their accounts on 23 crypto-exchanges. We are constantly expanding the number of trading platforms in the application, acting both within the project roadmap and in the interests of users. In this update, according to the numerous requests of the community, we connected KuCoin,” says Kirill Suslov, the founder of TabTrader and CEO of  Finom AG.

A Brief Idea About TabTrader

TabTrader is suitable for those who are currently involved in cryptocurrency exchanges and not entirely a newcomer to the market, TabTrader is best suited to get frequent and regular transactions. Essentially acting as a key terminal, this app makes it possible for exchanges by connecting to numerous platforms.

The system can link up the user to exchanges and performing functions such as investment performance and price in addition to data analysis. With this facts, users can trade several cryptocurrencies in what is hopefully a more informed decision-making method.

Similarly, users can preserve multiple accounts on the software to make the entire process a lot more straightforward and convenient. The portable control allows users to be able to trade more efficiently and keep an eye on their various accounts.

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Benefits associated with TabTrader


During the time of writing, TabTrader is a totally free platform that does not require any kind of investment or specific expenses. Users can access their exchanges without having to pay for more fees, which is not necessarily a regular feature of this kind of application. The app also doesn’t have any advertisements.


As a platform that has recently been through a few different iterations, TabTrader has had the chance to cope with initial bugs. Upon initial launch, many users lamented of malfunctions but the technique is frequently updated in an attempt to establish user issues quickly.

Unique Security

One of the main concerns having blockchain technologies is security and safety. This app is secure with PIN protection so users can access all their exchanges without worrying about other people or agencies earning entry into their personal information as well as activity.

All About KuCoin

KuCoin is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange that shares most of its trading rates with its users. It delivers many cryptocurrencies earlier than challengers which allow users to take first profits while they’re even now low market cap just before they appear on a more popular trade.

KuCoin offers a smooth UI, competitions, low fees and also good customer service. Their aggressive online strategy is guaranteed to bring them fast adoption in the crypto neighborhood. Rather than keeping all income from trade fees on their own, 50% of the revenue should go towards users that recommend others and 40% goes toward users that hold KuCoin Stock shares (KCS), KuCoins ERC20 expression. At this time KuCoin only will take 10% of trade costs for themselves.

Using the exchange can feel very rewarding when you return the next day and find a whole bunch of altcoins deposited into your account. KuCoin Shares may prove to be a really profitable coin to hold since KuCoin gains popularity. A little less than a half of KuCoin’s trade costs are distributed to all consumers that hold KuCoin Shares (KCS) daily, based on how many KCS you hold. You receive these payouts in each currencies individual wallet based on how many business deal fees occurred that day time. What’s great about this can it be can give you a small trickle regarding small market cap silver and gold coins that may end up going up inside value rapidly if you have one.

KuCoin also offers a very good referral program which not merely benefits you for discussing your invite code, however someone you’ve invited stock shares their referral code together with others, you’ll also get a tiny percentage of their transaction costs too!


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