The Key Attributes and Benefits of KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Kucoin has ranked at the 29th place in cryptocurrency trading, as of March 2018. This is based on their daily trading volume amounting to $53, 526, 736. More than twelve percent of this goes to the trading currency pair Revain/Bitcoin. BTC/USDT, the second most traded currency pair, took more than six percent of this trading volume.

The Kucoin as of today are capable of trading over 268 trading pairs on their platform. Their lower trading fees, no deposit charges, high level of security and great user interface, are very encouraging and getting more popularity each day.

Features and Benefits


  • Incentive Bonus


Fifty percent of the total amount of trading fees charges are awarded to KCS Holders. This does not take into account the initial 200 million, among which 100 million is owned by the team and angel investors.

Kucoin platform users would only need to deposit KCS coin into their account, to be eligible for the daily bonus. So, you need to buy Kucoin to get this bonus.

The KCS holding in the user’s account that day together with the overall trading fees charged from the previous day shall be used by the platform to compute for the bonus.

  • Referral Bonus

Every user receives an invitation code that you can use to invite other people to trade in the platform. You then, share the invited user’s trading service fee as a bonus.

This goes for three generations or levels of referrals. You are awarded with 20 percent of the fees of the users which you directly invited. 12 percent of fees from the indirectly invited users will be rewarded to the directly invited users. And, 8 percent of fees of indirectly invited users will go to the indirectly invited users.

  • Discounts On Trading Fees

Every1,000 KCS holdings in an account is entitled to 1 percent discount on trading fees. The maximum allowable discount is 30 percent. Even if your KCS holdings exceeds 30,000 KCS, your discount would still be at 30 percent.

This encourages popularity and growth for the future of buying Kucoin shares. KCS coin may well be included in the top cryptocurrency to invest in.

  • Special Services

Kucoin account users with KCS holdings are entitled to special services like: investment consultations, customer service Fast-Pass, and many more.

Check their website and other cryptocurrency articles to learn more about details on their offers.


  • GAS Rewards


This reward is given to Kucoin account users with NEO holdings into their account. The current GAS ratio is at around 0.03 percent and it changes everyday depending on the NEO blockchain.

All rewards and bonuses can be subjected to changes by Kucoin. It was already reported that the incentive bonus will be decreased to 15 percent by this month or on April.

However, there are other advantages for users to enjoy, like: trading fee discount, and other benefits. While Kucoin gains popularity, KCS will grow in popularity too.

As long as Kucoin remains the best trading platform for cryptocurrency, more trading fees will be collected and therefore increasing the size of payouts to the users and KCS holders.

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