The New Binance – KuCoin is growing faster than a speeding bullet

I once wrote about the potential of the exchange COSS. With its 50% fee split allocation token, it has the potential to go up 39 times if the Coss exchange will grow as efficiently and fast as Binance.

It is unfortunate that after I watched the exchange and its actors for some time, it became apparent to other people and me that the team may not be able to move fast enough for them to succeed.

While undergoing research, I was able to come across the same but more attractive project called KuCoin. It has all of the benefits of the COSS exchange including the 50% fee split allocation token. They launched it half a year ago, but it now has more volume than the famous exchange called Cryptopia.

Indeed, KuCoin is moving fast and it now lists new coins at breakneck speed. It is now the 2nd most popular exchange for crypto assets such as Monetha and Walton and it may become the first exchange to list NEO’s first ICO that is RedPulse.

As of the moment, KuCoin is trading at a market cap of $72 million which is seven-time COSS. Yet, it already has eight-times more than the trading volume on its exchange compared to COSS.

Now, the daily volumes of KuCoin are at around $4mm. The exchange may charge 0.1% to both the taker and the maker. Assuming that it has no growth, it would mean $1.4 billion in trading and $2.9 million in trading fees every year. Half of this may get distributed to the token holders who currently has an outstanding token balance of 91,043,076. They will primarily receive 2% annualized dividend on the token which is at the current price of $0.80 for every token.

If the exchange gets to the size of Binance since its growth has been astounding, it may become a $100m a day trading volume or $36.5 billion every year. The exchange may collect $73 million of fees every year, and they will give half of it to their token holders. Every token may receive around 50% dividend at the current price of $0.80 for every token.

In case the token increased in value and the investors accept a 5-10% dividend for every token, the token amount may rise to $4-$8, and there will be a 5-10x return from its current price.

Aside from that, KuCoin will get a percentage of their quarterly profits and burn and buyback tokens from the current supply. It already happened on one burn and reduced the amount from 100mm to ~91mm.

I am now really excited and fully invested in the future of KuCoin. It has the power of the 50% fee split allocation as the driver for the exponential growth.

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